Family Service Hours

Volunteers are an essential part of the St. Francis Catholic High School community. Volunteers are needed throughout the year for many events, including Admissions, Advancement, Academics, Arts, and Athletic events, as well as administrative tasks. St. Francis offers a multitude of opportunities to participate in the life of the school, working alongside faculty, staff, and other committed community members for the good of our students and school. 

We are blessed to have many opportunities to volunteer on campus! While family service hours are required, we know that many families contribute more than the basic requirement. Because of such dedication and support, St. Francis is able to provide our Troubies a holistic and enriching education grounded in our pillars of faith, excellence, leadership, and service. Thank you in advance for your service to our Troubies and the St. Francis community.

Family Service Hours Information 2023-24

Updated Dates and Details for Parent Service Hours 2024-25