Parents' Guild


Parents’ Guild

All St. Francis parents are members of the Parents’ Guild, an organization that provides support for many events during the year. The Parents’ Guild meets monthly to plan activities and to serve as an advisory group to the administration. Volunteers are needed throughout the year to carry on the many cherished school traditions including  Revelry, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Daughter Ball, SWAP Day, and more!
For questions, or suggestions, please contact

2022-2023 BOARD MEMBERS:

Let us know if you are interested in serving or have questions about the duties. If chairpersons are already in place, you are encouraged to work as a co-chair in anticipation of stepping into a position. Please email

Co-Presidents Sarina Fat & Debbie Payant
Recording Secretary Sandra Laird
Past President Melanie Weil
Communication Stefanie Cruz
Alumnae Liaison Co-Chairs Julianne Digiorno-Wadding & Amy Swanson
Staff Liaison Dr. Fadia Desmond
Advancement Liaison Stephenie Walbeck
Parent Ministry Judy Tumber
Class of 2024 Representatives Jayanthi Kasiraj & Felicia Rhodes
Class of 2025 Representatives Terri Malone & Stephenie Walbeck 
Class of 2026 Representatives Shawna Erdmann & Ana Maria Antic-Jezildzic
Class of 2027 Representatives Jen Hall & Jenna Davis