Dean's Office

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Uniform Standards

With the weather starting to change, remember only “docker style” pants and SFHS jackets may be worn on campus. Please purchase these and SF jackets now, before the cold really kicks in. The Uniform Standard Guide and page 64 of the Student-Parent Handbook list the specific rules and requirements. 

Students are not allowed to wear: 

  • Cargo pants, flared pants, pajamas or sports uniform bottoms.
  • Non SFHS designated red jackets 
  • Hair color must be natural.
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Illness on Campus

Since the start of school the past few weeks, we have had and will continue to have waves of illness; COVID, strep, flu etc. Please talk to your daughters about keeping herself and others safe.  In short, keep up the practices that have helped keep our community as safe as possible over the past year:

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Non-registered Service Animals at School

Due to health and safety concerns, and to avoid any disruption to school activities, all animals are prohibited from school property, school facilities, school transportation, and school functions except for registered service animals. The service animal must be a dog or, in limited specific circumstances, a miniature horse. No other species of animal will be permitted as a “service animal.”

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Parking Permit Pass

All students parking on campus must have a parking permit pass. Seniors may continue to purchase and paint a reserved parking space for $300 or they may purchase a non-painted/non-reserved space for $150. Sophomores and Juniors can purchase a non-painted/non-reserved space for $150. Permit passes will be issued to students during the first week of school.