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Dean’s Office

The Dean of Students is responsible for campus-wide discipline and safety. The Dean works in collaboration with the Guidance Department and school administrators to counsel students in resolving personal, academic and behavioral problems. Along with the Safety Committee, the Dean coordinates emergency drill training for students, faculty and staff.

To report absences: 916.737.5050


2020-2021 COVID-19 School Protocol Acknowledgment

View and Download PDF COVID-19 School Protocol Acknowledgment 2020-2021

From the Diocese of Sacramento
2020-2021 COVID-19 School Protocol Acknowledgment

I have read and understand the current COVID-19 School Protocol which sets forth the procedures undertaken by the school to mitigate the spread of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic.
I acknowledge that, despite the best efforts of students, parents, and faculty, a risk of infection at school is a possibility.

I agree to follow all procedures which are family responsibilities. These include the following:


Student Parking Permits

St. Francis Catholic High School Student Parking Permits are open to eligible Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors with valid drivers license. We have two standard permit options for our eligible students to choose from. A full year permit (fall & spring semesters), or a single semester permit. 

Seniors have an additional option to choose a Reserved Painted Space Permit. Learn More Here


Full Year Standard Parking Permit (Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors): $80

Single Semester Standard Parking Permit (Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors): $40

Reserved Parking Space & Permit (Seniors Only): $250

  • Senior reserved parking is only for students on regular school days.  
  • Seniors can paint their reserved parking space. See more info here
  • There is no expectation of usage on special days (SF Day, SWAP day night/weekends). 
  • Parking permits with the Senior Reserved Painting option must be purchased and the design template submitted no later than TBD

 Learn More about Senior Parking Fundraiser here.


Students must show their valid license during pick up of parking permit.


  • Students must still display their parking permit at all times, even with a painted space.
  • All laws related to the operation of motor vehicles in the state vehicle code are to be obeyed when driving on or near school grounds.
  • Excessive speed (limit 5 MPH) or careless driving renders a student liable to suspension of her parking privileges and could result in detention.
  • Students must park in student designated parking slots only. Parking on neighborhood streets, faculty or staff areas, fire lanes, etc. is prohibited. Taking up more than one space is prohibited.
  • If a student with a registered parking permit does not have it with her, a “Day Pass” must be purchased in the morning from the Dean’s office. The “Day Pass” fee is $1.00.

Violations of any of the above provisions will result in a detention. Additional violations may result in suspension or revocation of the right to park at SFHS.

Contact Dean of Students Cynthia Cost,, with any questions.


Parking Painting FAQ
Senior Painting Parking Spaces - St. Francis Fund Fundraiser

We look forward to building more school spirit, beautifying the campus and continuing this senior tradition here at St. Francis Catholic High School. Seniors will be allowed to creatively paint their individual parking space for the 2020-2021 school year. This spot will be reserved for the individual student (this space is only reserved for the student during regular school hours,  it is not for parents or anytime outside of the regular school day).  The proceeds will benefit the St. Francis Fund*.


  • For a reserved Painted Space & parking permit = $250
  • For a standard parking permit, no reserved space, no painting = $80 [Spring & Fall semesters] 
  • For a standard parking permit, non reserved space, no painting= $40 [Spring Semester only] 

The process:

  • Parking permits with the Senior Painting option must be purchased online on a first come first serve basis. 
  • All designs must be submitted on the template. Senior Parking Template PDF.
  • The designated painting day is TBD
  • Students may personalize their parking spot by creating a design that reflects their interests and/or shows school spirit.  Be creative. Designs must be approved by the Administration prior to painting and cannot violate the tenants of the St. Francis Catholic High School Student Handbook.
  • Students will be notified via email if there is an issue with the submitted design. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm the notification (only if there is a design issue); failure to confirm may nullify the design.  Students must follow this design exactly – no changes.
  • Students will be asked to select their parking zone on a first come, first served basis (registration is time stamped), and each zone will close when full.  

What students will need to bring on painting day:

  • Students will be required to supply their own paint. Standard exterior house paint is to be used, all colors allowed (except Reflective/Fluorescent).
  • A broom to sweep your area clear before you paint
  • Chalk if you want to sketch your design before painting
  • Ruler or tape measure to mark the boundaries of your design
  • Buckets and/or small containers to mix your individual colors.
  • Paper towels, rags etc… to help clean up spillage.
  • Paint brushes, rollers, trays, tape, stencils, trash bags and any other painting supplies as needed.
  • If it is a hot day, please wear a hat, bring lots of water and sunscreen and portable shade/umbrellas.

Students may NOT bring:

  • Reflective/fluorescent paint
  • Spray paint
  • Airless paint sprayers
  • Glitter or clear coat (this becomes slippery when wet)

Painting must be 8” inside the borders of the parking space (4 inches of the white pre-designated lines and 4 inches of border inside the white).  If you are painting over a previously painted spot you can use those borders as an outline.

You will be required to paint over the design at the end of the year (prior to May 18, 2021).  Students are required to paint over their parking space (cover paint will be provided by the school).  Failure to do so will result in $100 fee and a hold will be placed on your diploma/accumulation file until this is completed.

Revoking of painted spaces

The reserved and painted parking spaces is a senior privilege rather than a right. Students are responsible for their spots.  If a student paints something inappropriate (violation of the SFHS Handbook rules) on the spot, it will be painted over and money will not be refunded.  Students are responsible to immediately notify the administration as to any vandalism of their spot.

*This is not considered a tax deductible donation.


Safety Response
See Something - Say Something

When incidents such as the Florida shooting, which occurred Wednesday, happen, students and their families want to know what to do. At SFHS, we help students to not be fearful, but to be prepared. While the odds of an active shooter scenario are small, we do educate our students about active shooter lockdowns and shelter in place scenario. We follow the FBI Run/Hide/Fight protocols, which was demonstrated at the last student Safety Assembly.