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Invitation from the Dean’s Office
Emergency Services Professionals Wanted for Parent Safety Committee

The safety of everyone while on the campus of St. Francis Catholic High School is of the utmost importance.  As with everything we do as a community, we constantly evaluate how we operate and if the best procedures are in place.  In order to accomplish this efficiently and expeditiously, each year we employ the help of our families, particularly those with emergency and medical backgrounds.



2022 Fall SEMESTER – Early Dismissal Pass Request

Students are eligible for an EDP (Early Dismissal Pass) for free block(s) that fall at the END of the day only. Students may not leave campus and/or come back with an EDP. There are no in and out privileges; the EDP is for leaving campus only. Students needing to return to campus for co-curriculars may do so after 3:00 p.m. Click HERE to request an Early Dismissal Pass form.