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Uniforms for 2024-2025

It is imperative that your student be in proper (including skirt length uniform) for the 2024-2025 school year. Here is the daily uniform dress code that will be enforced. If the article of clothing is not listed below, it is not part of the daily uniform. 

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Safety Scam Targeting SFHS Accounts

We received a report that recently a SFHS student was targeted for money on her Instagram account.  It was a very well done scam, and clearly preyed upon our students’ trust. This scam was perfectly targeted — trusting, helpful students and the illusion of the person being known by trusted people. The student didn’t flinch at giving them access to her picture (“…because they were ‘friends’ with people I knew,” and “because I thought I was helping them out.”) While your student might say this wouldn’t happen to me, believe me it could and it does.

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SFHS Combined Active Shooter Training with Sacramento State Police Department

The following are dates for parent and student zoom meetings with CSUS Law enforcement for the SFHS students who volunteered and are registered to participate in this combined training.

  • Monday, Feb 19, 2024, 6:00pm
  • Monday, Feb 26, 2024, 1:00pm

If your daughter signs up to participate as a role player on March 18, 2024, it is vital that at least one parent & their student attend one of the zoom sessions. These sessions are provided to answer any questions for you and your student.


Second Semester Parking Permit Request
St. Francis Catholic High School Student Parking Permits are open to eligible Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors with valid drivers license & insurance.


All new drivers will need to have a valid parking permit to park in the school parking lot. Please complete the form and submit payment.

Second Semester Parking Permit (Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors): $75

  • This permit is for standard non reserved student spaces for the Spring 2024 semester.
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Reminders for Review Days and Finals

Reminders of a few of the rules regarding review days and finals:

  • SFHS does not offer early finals. Make up finals are on December 21, 2023.
  • Fall review day requirements: All students must be here for all their normally scheduled classes on review days. Review days are scheduled for Wednesday, December 13th & Monday, December 18th.
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Early Dismissal Pass Request
2024 Spring Semester

This is a reminder that  parents must sign a new Early Dismissal pass for the Spring of 2024. This allows your daughter to leave campus when she has a free block at the end of the day. This applies to all students (even if they currently have a pass). The fall passes are void after 12/21/23. They will receive an updated sticker when they return in January. Thank you!

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From the Dean

Our students all love social media and can’t wait to use their phones to connect to each other and the world at large. However, all that continual connection does not give them the opportunity to rest, relax and just be.

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Uniform Standards

With the weather starting to change, remember only “docker style” pants and SFHS jackets may be worn on campus. Please purchase these and SF jackets now, before the cold really kicks in. The Uniform Standard Guide and page 64 of the Student-Parent Handbook list the specific rules and requirements. 

Students are not allowed to wear: 

  • Cargo pants, flared pants, pajamas or sports uniform bottoms.
  • Non SFHS designated red jackets 
  • Hair color must be natural.
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Illness on Campus

Since the start of school the past few weeks, we have had and will continue to have waves of illness; COVID, strep, flu etc. Please talk to your daughters about keeping herself and others safe.  In short, keep up the practices that have helped keep our community as safe as possible over the past year:

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Non-registered Service Animals at School

Due to health and safety concerns, and to avoid any disruption to school activities, all animals are prohibited from school property, school facilities, school transportation, and school functions except for registered service animals. The service animal must be a dog or, in limited specific circumstances, a miniature horse. No other species of animal will be permitted as a “service animal.”

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Invitation from the Dean’s Office
Emergency Services Professionals Wanted for Parent Safety Committee

The safety of everyone while on the campus of St. Francis Catholic High School is of the utmost importance.  As with everything we do as a community, we constantly evaluate how we operate and if the best procedures are in place.  In order to accomplish this efficiently and expeditiously, each year we employ the help of our families, particularly those with emergency and medical backgrounds.