How to Sign Up for MVP


How to Sign-Up & Use MVP

 MVP is the parent volunteer service arm of St. Francis Catholic High School.

To get started please read the instructions below, and create or log into your account at

STEP 1 – If you don’t already have one, Create an Account

Parents will create an application for an account with their profile information (the application will only be done once during a parents tenure at SFHS).  It will include:

  • Name, address, contact information. Please use your formal name (no nicknames).
  • Areas of interest (choose all that apply, you must choose at least one).  Parents will automatically be accepted, however, your may need additional clearance for working with students or specific events.
  • Leaving boxes unchecked will result in the inability to sign up for events or donations. 

Create Application

STEP 2 – Verify Profile Information

Click on my profile to verify the following has been completed correctly.  

  • Contact info must be up-to-date.
  • Additional info  
  • Qualifications will be filled in when the administration releases a yes on fingerprinting
  • Change password  
  • Organizations – School contact information is here
  • Goals – How many hours you are required to complete during the school year.
  • Interests – what type of event you would like to take part in.
  • Availability- if you do not check off availability then you will not get service opportunities.

Once your application is complete you may automatically log into the volunteer site.

STEP 3 – Parent Log-In

Log on to 
(url info may appear as;

STEP 4 – View Volunteer Opportunities

All current opportunities will be posted to the opportunities page in MVP. Registration for event opportunities or donation does NOT automatically credit you parent hours.  You must enter also enter your volunteer hours or donation credit on the hours tab.

Participate in a Volunteer Opportunity

  • Click on the OPPORTUNITIES tab
  • Click on the available activity
  • See the date, start time and end time for each shift of a scheduled activity.
  • Per shift:  click the + SignUp button beside the desired date.
  • Multiple shifts: click the + Signup below the list of shifts.

Shifts that are full or unavailable for signup will be displayed with the word “Full” beside them. If you are still interested in being assigned to the activity, you can click the + Add me to the backup list in case you ever need extras.

Once complete you will be recorded as scheduled for the event.  

When the event is complete, you will then record on the hours tab the actual amount of hours worked.

Exception:  Donations must be scheduled AND the information registered on the hours page prior to drop off.

Recording Donation or Volunteer Hours

This tab is used to record all volunteer hours after participating in an event or to register donated items prior to drop off.

  • Click on the Hours tab
  • Click on the available Donation activity
  • Enter date volunteered
  • Under feedback:
  • Enter what was donated
  • What was dollar amount
  • Click save

See Approved or Pending Hours

  • Click on the HOURS tab

You will see a listing of approved and pending hours logged in the “Most Recent Entries” section. For hours entries that are less than 24 hours old, you can click the delete button and re-enter them if they have been entered in error.

Confirm Schedule

To confirm participation after you have signed up:

  • Click on the SCHEDULE tab
  • If you have yet to confirm an activity assignment, click the Confirm button

View Reports

Total Hours Report
  • Click on the REPORTS tab
  • At the top of the page, you will see your lifetime hours and hours for the current year along with a bar chart showing the total hours logged for you over the last 12 months.
  • This information will also be displayed numerically below the chart in the “Hours “section.
  • For an hours and feedback report that shows your hours by role (position, activity, opportunity) and the totals for any numeric feedback you provided along the way,
    • click the view report button in the hours and feedback section.
  • For a detailed hours report that will show each shift you volunteered, with the date and the number of hours involved,
    • click the view report button in the detailed hours report.