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All St. Francis students are offered a variety of services to meet their academic, college, and career readiness goals. In alignment with the school’s philosophy, St. Francis respects the uniqueness of each student and her right and responsibility to achieve her full potential.


News Kathryn (Rotz) Dickson '96

Fall Learning Support Workshop Series

Mrs. Katie Dickson, our Learning Support Specialist, is hosting a series of workshops where students will explore ways in which they can overcome barriers to learning and reach their academic goals. Students can expect to gain insight into how they learn and ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their study habits.

The Study Skills Workshop was held on November 8, and two workshops are remaining:


St. Francis Learning Lab

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching sessions are designed to help students develop and reach academic goals with a focus on the skill, will, and self regulation domains of learning. Students will work with the learning specialist to identify personal strengths and locate learning strategies that can help students overcome barriers to success and maximize academic achievement. Academic coaching typically lasts 4-6 sessions, 30 minutes each, and will take place during the student’s free block in the office of the learning support specialist. Students can access academic coaching by making an appointment with the Learning Specialist.

Tutor Lab Peer Tutoring

Tutor Lab Peer Tutoring services are offered during free blocks and are a valuable resource for students seeking academic support. Students can access peer tutoring by appointments or on a drop in basis when available. Located in the St. Francis Library, these services provide a comfortable environment where students can ask questions, clarify concepts, and receive guidance from their peers who have a deep understanding of the subject matter. Peer tutors offer support in core subject areas as well as areas critical to academic success including but not limited to the following:

  • Understanding or reviewing a concept taught in class
  • Studying for a quiz or test
  • Brainstorming for a paper or project
  • Giving feedback on a draft or outline of an essay
  • Serving as a practice audience for a presentation
  • Offering tips on time management, study skills, and organization

Learning and Study Skills Elective Courses

St. Francis High School provides two elective study skill courses, each lasting a semester, specifically designed for students in grades 9 to 12 grade. These courses aim to assist students in achieving their academic objectives by enhancing their learning and study skills. Academic Strategies (9th grade only) and Academic Success (9th-10th grade), focus on teaching effective study techniques, test-taking strategies, and refining organizational and time management abilities. The curriculum is based on evidence-informed learning approaches, with the freshman course explicitly instructing students in these strategies and the 9-12th grade course incorporating and applying them to their current workload. Both courses utilize a small group learning environment, where students receive regular feedback, individualized support, and opportunities to apply their newly acquired skills to their current coursework.


The Learning Support Specialist offers a series of workshops during late start school days that will focus on topics such as test anxiety, study skills, executive functioning, and Final exam preparation. Dates and topics will be announced through the weekly Parents Newsletter and/or monthly Counseling & College Newsletter.

Troubie Prep

This summer course for 9th grade students begins before freshman year and helps students overcome academic challenges and maximize personal strengths. With a focus on English and Math, students gain study skills and academic content knowledge to support their progress all four years at St. Francis.  


Academic Accommodations

St. Francis affirms that all students entering our campus are given the opportunity to receive a quality Catholic education in a supportive environment. Our formal accommodation plans provide appropriate in-class accommodations for students with unique learning or medical needs.

In order to design a formal accommodation plan that meets the unique needs of the student, St. Francis requires a current psychoeducational evaluation (3-5 years) and/or medical evaluation (1 year) on file to ensure the accommodation plan addresses student needs in the least restrictive environment. 

The evaluation(s) should fit the following criteria: 

  1. Diagnosis should be clearly stated.
  2. All information should be current.
  3. History should be presented.
  4. Functional limitations should be described.
  5. Recommended accommodations should be justified.
  6. Evaluator’s professional credentials should be listed. 

Please submit current evaluation(s) to the Learning Support Specialist @ Once submitted, the evaluation(s) will be reviewed to determine what accommodations to include in the plan. 

Medical Support

Formal Education Plans

St. Francis affirms that students with learning differences are given the opportunity to receive a quality Catholic education in a supportive environment. For students with documented learning differences, we offer a Formal Education Plan (FEP) and Medical Education Plan (MSP) which provides appropriate in-class interventions based on the unique learning styles of each student. Students with diagnosed behavioral or medical challenges are also fully supported. 

National Testing

Applications for testing accommodations for College Board (SAT, SAT Subject Tests, PSAT/NMSQT, Advanced Placement) and ACT exams are available through the Registrar. 

It is the responsibility of the parent/student to make the request for standardized testing accommodations.  Requests are completed and submitted by SFHS on behalf of the student, and must be submitted within the strict application deadline dates set forth by College Board and ACT.  

For more information on dates and deadlines or to request more information, please contact our Registrar Sarah Cornell.