Visual Arts


Visual Arts


Each student that walks into an art classroom is at a different place in her artistic development. For those of us in the Visual Art Department,  teaching means meeting each student at her own level and then finding a way to encourage her to take her art to the next stage.

This artistic philosophy is practiced in all of the mediums we offer here at St. Francis High School – Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Digital Photography and Digital Film.  Regardless of the medium,  we push our students to ground their work beyond the aspect of individual expression by challenging them to develop a sense for critical language that draws on historical and contemporary art contexts.

Visual Arts Courses Currently Offered

Visual Arts

Drawing 2

Painting 2

Figure Sculpting 2

Digital Photography 2

Digital Film and Animation

Advanced Studio Art

AP 2D Art and Design

AP 3D Art and Design

Honors Art History

We also offer Computer Graphics, learn more under STEM in the Course Catalog

Find beauty in the ordinary

Rosalva (Romo) Willow from class of 1988, and currently a photography instructor at SFHS. She recently posted this spectacular photo of hers paired with a poem, and shared “I’m hoping to inspire my photography students to find beauty in the ordinary while they shelter in place so I’ve been thinking a lot about Emily Dickinson. I went out into my backyard to practice what I preach, found this pretty feather dangling from a camellia and took the picture. Then, I looked up Emily Dickinson and this was the first poem I stumbled across.” #TroubieHeroes