Christian Service


Christian Service

Through direct service to our marginalized sisters and brothers, St. Francis Catholic High School students expand their worldview and develop their gifts and talents for the greater glory of God. Their work emulates the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and our patron, St. Francis of Assisi. Students directly serve others by feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, caring for the sick and visiting the imprisoned (Matthew 25:35-36). This guide is designed and intended to help students understand their yearly service requirement and help them choose meaningful service opportunities that meet program guidelines.

The Basic Process:

  1. Select a Core Program or other non-profit organization from the pre-approved agency list. If neither of those two options work, the student may seek pre-approval for another organization using the Special Permission Request Form in TroubieServe.
  2. Maintain yourTroubieServe account by logging all your hours served in the online database. Corrections must be submitted to, the student will be emailed once the change has been made.
  3. Get verification of her service from an organization representative in the form of a signature, email, etc.
  4. After Campus Ministry prints the official service report, submit the report and your service verification to your Theology teacher.


For students to receive service credit in their TroubieServe record, they must volunteer at an approved nonprofit organization (501c(3)). If a student decides to work at an organization not on the pre-approved list, she must receive clearance from the Campus Minister for Christian Service prior to serving. Students seeking special permission for service will be asked to provide proof of the organization’s nonprofit status by using the Special Permission Request form (found in TroubieServe).
•Grade 9: 10 hours at two different pre-approved, non-profit agencies
•Grade 10: 15 hours at two different pre-approved, non-profit agencies
•Grade 11: 20 hours at one pre-approved, non-profit agency
•Grade 12: 30 hours at one pre-approved, non-profit agency
If you have questions regarding service, please contact the Ms. Villanueva, the Campus Minister for Christian Service. If you find a service opportunity that seems to meet the SFHS service requirement, but is not officially listed please submit a Special Permission Request Form (found in TroubieServe).


You have the right…

•To be assigned a job that is meaningful and challenging.
•To be trained, supervised and supported to do your assigned job.
•To feel that your work contributes to the organization’s mission.
•To receive feedback and evaluation on the work you perform.
•To be treated with respect and be in a safe environment.

It is Your Responsibility…

•To be realistic about your schedule and ability to follow through.
•To perform the tasks assigned to you to the best of your ability.
•To follow through on the time commitments you’ve made.
•To follow organizational policies and procedures.
•To respect the confidences entrusted to you.
•To give advanced notification of absences or schedule changes.
•To log your service hours in TroubieServe within 60 days of service.


Core Programs are local, non-profit partners that actively engage with SFHS through service opportunities and social justice education. These organizations host students in an on-going basis with daily, weekly or monthly direct service opportunities for at least 85% of the volunteer time. The school’s direct service requirement makes it possible for SFHS students to engage directly with the organization’s clients and staff in meaningful ways. Agencies are aware of the SFHS Christian Service requirement; however, it is also the student’s’ job to fulfill any and all required activities or procedures. Core Programs have responsible and consistent staff supervisors who are available to support SFHS students. These organizations are also asked to maintain regular communication with the Campus Minister for Christian Service so that we are informed of any changes or updates. Core Programs are the only organizations invited on campus to promote service opportunities to students.


SFHS Campus Ministry oversees a variety of service trips throughout the United States. These trips provide students (and staff) the opportunity to see the needs of others who are in different circumstances, cultures and conditions and to respond accordingly in light of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Service trips are immersion opportunities for personal growth and a greater understanding of the meaning of Christian service, solidarity and charity. Participants come back as leaders who recognize the importance of bringing the love and mercy of Christ not only to our local community, but also into the larger context of systemic justice. These students and staff are prepared through these experiences to help build what St.Pope John Paul II called “a civilization of love.” Service trips are essential in infusing Faith, Excellence, Leadership and Service in our St. Francis Catholic High School community.

Currently, service trips organized by SFHS are only open to members of the junior class; if openings are still available after the first round of applications sophomores may apply. An interest meeting, applications, and group interviews take place within the 1st Quarter—these dates are posted on the school’s official calendar.

Non-SFHS Service Trips

In order to receive credit for non-SFHS service trips, students and parents should be mindful of the following:

  • The service trip must be organized with, through and for a non-profit organization
  • Students should be connected to a nonprofit organization in every stage of their mission trip experience.
  • Credit is given for only for actual time of service. Sightseeing, cultural experiences, and travel time does not qualify for service credit.  
  • Students seeking service credit may be asked to show their mission trip schedule so that the Campus Minister for Christian Service can approve the appropriate amount of service credit.


Students who wish to volunteer outside of the Greater Sacramento Area should always double check to make sure that they will be working with and through a non-profit organization. We recommend students submit a Special Permission Request Form before serving; students who fail to submit this form prior to service may find that their service does not meet the requirement, thus they will not receive credit. Special Permission Request Forms can be found on the homepage of TroubieServe– students must login to access this form.


  • Ministry during religious services (such as altar serving at mass, liturgical ministry, Eucharistic ministry and music ministry). We believe participating in religious services is important ministry as part of a faith community. Although service credit is not given, if a parish wants to write a letter of commendation to be included in a student’s service file, please encourage them to do so.
  • Political action and fundraising efforts– this kind of service is considered indirect.


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