Christian Service


Christian Service

Through direct service to our marginalized sisters and brothers, St. Francis Catholic High School students expand their worldview and develop their gifts and talents for the greater glory of God. Their work emulates the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and our patron, St. Francis of Assisi. Students directly serve others by feeding the hungry, giving drinks to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, and visiting the imprisoned (Matthew 25:35-36). The information below is meant to help students understand their yearly service requirements and help them choose meaningful service opportunities that meet program guidelines.

The Basic Process:

  1. Create a student MobileServe Account (learn more) to track and log service hours.
  2. Select a non-profit organization from the pre-approved agency list or the resources available in the MobileServe app. If neither of those two options works, a student may seek pre-approval for another organization using the Special Permission Request Form.
  3. Maintain your MobileServe account by logging all your hours served in the online database. Corrections must be submitted to, the student will be emailed once the change has been made.
  4. Get verification of service. 
    • Option A: (Email verification) Enter the supervisor’s name and email address within MobileServe. Make sure to ask the supervisor if they are willing to follow up on the email. If not, use Option B.

    • Option B: (Supervisor Signature and location verification) Enter Supervisor name AND Supervisor signature AND Geo-verification (“Attach My Location”)

    • Option C: (Photos and location verification) Upload a photo of you performing the service described in the “Tell Your Story” section AND Geo-verification (“Attach My Location”)

Minimum Service Requirements

St. Francis Catholic High School’s Christian Service programming is designed to form students as people committed to life-long service and social justice. We provide a program structure that:

  • Creates and promotes direct service opportunities for students to help them learn about and grow in solidarity with our marginalized brothers and sisters;
  • Encourages students to recognize and respond to the needs of the others and Creation;
  • Supports students in connecting their lives of faith, Catholic Social Teaching, and the needs of the communities to which they belong.

If you have questions regarding service, please contact Ms. Villanueva, the Campus Minister for Christian Service. If you find a service opportunity that seems to meet the SFHS service requirement, but is not officially listed please submit a Special Permission Request Form.

2022-2023 Service Period 

The service period for this school year is June 1, 2022, to March 3, 2023. To remain in good standing and eligible for extracurricular activities, students are required to meet quarterly or semester benchmarks.  These dates are communicated directly to students.

  • Freshman: 10 or more total hours at two non-profit organizations
  • Sophomore: 15 or more total hours at two or more non-profit organizations
  • Junior: 20 or more total hours at no more than two non-profit organizations
  • Senior: 30 or more total hours at no more than two non-profit organizations

Students who complete 100 or more hours by the end of Quarter 3 will receive a Christian Service Award. Extra hours do not carry forward.

Non-credit Service

  • Ministry during religious services (such as altar serving at mass, liturgical ministry, Eucharistic ministry, and music ministry). We believe participating in religious services is an important ministry as part of a faith community. 
  • Political action and fundraising efforts
  • Service during fundraising dinners, golf tournaments & crab feeds.

Volunteer Rights And Responsibilities

You have the right…

  • To be assigned a job that is meaningful and challenging.
  • To be trained, supervised and supported to do your assigned job.
  • To feel that your work contributes to the organization’s mission.
  • To receive feedback and evaluation on the work you perform.
  • To be treated with respect and be in a safe environment.

It is Your Responsibility…

  • To be realistic about your schedule and ability to follow through.
  • To perform the tasks assigned to you to the best of your ability.
  • To follow through on the commitments you’ve made.
  • To follow organizational policies and procedures.
  • To respect the confidences entrusted to you, unless they are a safety issue.
  • To give advanced notification of absences or schedule changes.
  • To log your service hours in MobileServe and provide one of the approved forms of verification for each entry.