Christian Service


Christian Service

Christian Service is more than just one of St. Francis Catholic High School’s Four Pillars— it is a cornerstone of school culture. Service experiences provide students with opportunities to wrestle with complex social justice issues while learning the gifts of humility and poverty in spirit as they follow the example of our patron, St. Francis of Assisi. Required volunteer hours also build character, develop leadership and communication skills, and help Troubies gain insight as they walk with those in need. 

The annual direct service* requirement is incremental. As students grow in their understanding of service and their gifts and talents, they are required to do more hours. Meeting quarterly benchmarks is necessary to remain in good standing and eligible for extracurricular activities.   Service hours above the minimum requirement do not continue to the next academic year. Students who complete 100 or more hours by the Monday following Easter Break will receive a Christian Service Certificate.

The process of locating, attending, and tracking one’s service record is an empowering life skill that benefits students in college and beyond. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for arranging their service opportunities. To aid Troubies, the Campus Ministry department offers the following support:

  • MobileServe orientation for Freshmen and transfer students
  • Frequent emails notifying students about upcoming opportunities
  • Fall Service Fair so that students can make in-person contact with local non-profit volunteer coordinators
  • Access to a master list of pre-approved, non-profit organizations
  • Appointments for students to meet with the Campus Minister for Christian Service to find appropriate opportunities

*See Christian Service FAQs for information on direct service expectations

The Basic Process

  1. Students claim their MobileServe Account to track and log service hours. Campus Ministry sends the “claim your account” email out during the summer of a student’s first year of attendance. Late start or mid-year transfers are sent a copy of this message upon arrival; we modify students’ hour requirements according to their start date.
  2. Select an eligible 501(c)3 organization from the pre-approved agency list or the resources available in the MobileServe app. If neither of those two options interests a student, they may seek pre-approval for another organization using the Special Permission Request Form.
  3. Activities toward the annual requirement Christian Service get recorded in MobileServe. For time logs to be accepted, volunteer details and a valid verification form are required. Verification options are listed below.
    • Supervisor Signature and location verification: Enter Supervisor name AND Supervisor signature AND Geo-verification (“Attach My Location”)
    • Email verification: Enter the supervisor’s name and email address within MobileServe. Ask the supervisor if they are willing to follow up on the email.
    • Photos and location verification: Students upload a picture of themselves performing the service described in the “Tell Your Story” section AND Geo-verification (“Attach My Location”)

Minimum Service Requirements

St. Francis Catholic High School’s Christian Service programming forms students as people committed to life-long service and social justice. We provide a program structure that:

  • Creates and promotes direct service opportunities for students to help them learn about and grow in solidarity with our marginalized brothers and sisters;
  • Encourages students to recognize and respond to the needs of others and Creation;
  • Supports students in connecting their lives of faith, Catholic Social Teaching, and the needs of the communities to which they belong.

The direct service requirement increases each year of attendance. Meeting quarterly benchmarks is required to remain in good standing and eligible for extracurricular activities. Students may begin earning service credit as early as June 1st of an upcoming academic year. Students can be ahead of the minimum requirements at each of the checkpoints.

See below for grade-specific requirements.

  • Freshman: 10 or more total hours at two or more non-profit organizations

    • End of Quarter 1: 3+ hours
    • End of Term 1: 6+ hours
    • End of Quarter 3: 10+ hours
  • Sophomore: 15 or more total hours at two or more non-profit organizations
    • End of Quarter 1: 5+ hours
    • End of Term 1: 10+ hours
    • End of Quarter 3: 15+ hours
  • Junior: 20 or more total hours at no more than two non-profit organizations
    • End of Quarter 1: 7+ hours
    • End of Term 1: 14+ hours
    • End of Quarter 3: 20+ hours
  • Senior: 30 or more total hours at no more than two non-profit organizations
    • End of Quarter 1: 10+ hours
    • End of Term 1: 20+ hours
    • End of Quarter 3: 30+ hours

Non-credit Service

  • Political activities (campaigns for candidates or policies)
  • Service during fundraising dinners/crab feeds, golf tournaments, or auctions.
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Final Christian Service Deadline

Quarter 3 ends on Friday, March 8th. Students may log hours until the end of the day on Monday, March 11th. Verification of direct service at an approved nonprofit must be received to be accepted. If the minimum cumulative total requirements for the year is not met at that time, students are ineligible for extracurricular activities beginning on Wednesday, March 13th at 3:00pm. Eligibility resumes when the outstanding hours are served, logged, and verified in MobileServe. Coaches and activities supervisors are notified if a student is not able to participate and contacted again once they’ve been cleared. 

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2023-24 Christian Service Requirements

Troubies can take advantage of summer and get a head start on completing their required Christian Service hours.  All students were emailed information covering quarterly deadlines and required hours. Students must meet these benchmarks to remain eligible for extracurricular activities (athletics, arts productions, and school dances). Please encourage your daughter to read the email so she knows her responsibilities.

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Christian Service Requirement for Freshmen

Our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, was a man of peace who built bridges. His desire for justice and peace among God’s people and creation came from his encounters with others. Our direct service requirements model his work. This means you are in direct contact with the people or organizations they are helping. Some good service opportunities include tutoring, visiting the elderly, serving food to those in need, and coaching or mentoring children.