Patrons of the Arts


Patrons of the Arts

Patrons of the Arts is a vital parent organization that supports all aspects of the arts: 
instrumental music, vocal music, theatre, dance, photography, film production, technical theatre, painting, drawing, and sculpture.  The Patrons are responsible for coordinating volunteers for all arts performances and exhibits, working with the Arts Producer to organize events and receptions, and assisting arts faculty in various ways. In addition to supporting the Arts, the Patrons are dedicated to building community and camaraderie for the parents and volunteers who give generously of their time.

If you love the arts and are looking for a fun way to get involved at SFHS, come see what the Patrons do for the Arts Department:

Board Roster 2023-2024

President Lisa Fitzgerald
Vice President Tonya Kasten
Secretary Michelle Garcia and Jose Garcia
Membership Coordinator Heather Wallace
Community Lunch / Tech Feed Coordinator Tracy Hodges and Maile Hodges
Event Coordinator Sarah Ellis and Julie Anna Manley
Auction Liaison Tonya Kasten
Alumnae Advisors Angie Allison, Scott German, Heather Gordon, Sergio Quinola
Program Advertising Coordinator  Vanessa Cupp

If you have any questions about Patrons of the Arts, want to get involved or offer your services, please contact us via email: