College Counseling


Paying for College Workshops
September 15th & 16th

Parents of all grade levels are welcome to join us for tonight’s Paying for College and Financial Aid Workshop as well as tomorrow’s Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Workshop

Paying for College and Financial Aid Workshop (open to all grade levels but focusing on seniors) 


Colleges Visiting St. Francis

Fifty colleges and universities send representatives to visit the St. Francis campus each year. It is important that students meet with a representative from the colleges/universities they are considering for admission. However, it is equally important that students attend all of their classes and prepare well for college. We recommend that students choose wisely the times and dates to sign up for a visit with a college representative. It is critical that students do not miss tests or important lecture information.


Visiting Colleges

Visiting college campuses is one of the more important means of discovery when evaluating your college options.

Here are a few tips:

  • Include visits while vacationing with your family.
  • Call colleges ahead of time and request a guided tour. Visit a variety of colleges – big and small, public and private - so that you can compare different types of institutions.