Graduation Requirements


Graduation Requirements

All students are required to enroll in a minimum of six classes each semester (most students enroll in seven). Students may not exceed eighty (80) academic units.  Exceptions to credit maximums are made for one (1) credit Academic Teams.  

St. Francis High School is philosophically opposed to tracking students. A student is free to select any course in any area as long as she meets the prerequisites. All students take a mix of classes, some standard college preparatory, some more rigorous.

  • A minimum of 240 credits is required for graduation.
  • Each semester of coursework earns 5 credits.

The semester requirements are:

Subject # of Required Semesters
Theology 8 (every semester of attendance)
English 8
Social Studies 7
Mathematics 6
Science 6
Modern and Classical Languages 4
Visual & Performing Arts 2
Physical Education
Health 1
Electives 3


Prerequisites are designed to assure that a student is prepared to succeed in the course. For example, a student needs to master Integrated Math 3 in order to be successful in Precalculus.