Mission & Philosophy


Mission Statement

St. Francis Catholic High School is a diocesan college preparatory school dedicated to serving young women and their families who seek a community of faith, excellence, leadership, and service, grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ. In the spirit and charism of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi, we form students who share their gifts and talents as models of Pax et Bonum.


Philosophy of SFHS

The philosophy of St. Francis Catholic High School is based on a belief in God and is committed to the values of our Catholic faith.

  • We commit ourselves to the task of educating young women to live full, responsible, and meaningful lives, strengthened through the curricula and experiences unique to a Catholic school and unique to St. Francis High School.
  • We serve the needs of all our students through a varied and comprehensive college preparatory curriculum.
  • We prepare all students for higher education, career opportunities, life-time vocation choices, artistic development, and athletic proficiency. In imitation of our patron, Saint Francis of Assisi, we help students to develop a love for God’s creations, and to be of service to others.
  • We believe that each student can be a force for “peace and goodness” throughout the world. Thus, young women graduating from St. Francis High School have been challenged to reach their full potential: spiritually, intellectually, artistically, physically, and socially.


St. Francis Catholic High School is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA).  WCEA accredits Catholic elementary and secondary schools in nine western states (26 (arch) dioceses) and the US Territory of Guam.  WCEA co-accredits and is in partnership with three Regional agencies (WASC, NAAS, NCA CASI) and two private agencies (CAIS and HAIS). WCEA began in 1957 in San Francisco and has a long and successful history of assisting school improvement through the accreditation process.


Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)

Essential attributes of an educated person, as someone formed in a Catholic culture. They are derived from the school’s mission and philosophy statements and are defined in the form of broad‐based behaviors signifying what a student knows, understands, values, and practices. They are integral as they serve to unify all the academic achievement outcomes and the co‐curricular outcomes that the school establishes as goals for its students.

A St. Francis graduate is a woman of Faith:

  • She understands the major tenets and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • She demonstrates an active faith life.
  • She respects the members of other faith traditions.

She strives for Excellence:

  • She meets or exceeds requirements for university matriculation.
  • She has the skills needed for independent thought and life-long learning.
  • She possesses self-worth.
  • She practices habits conducive to spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.

She demonstrates Leadership:

  • She appreciates the efforts of her peers and of the school community.
  • She models moral behavior and prudent judgment.
  • She values and facilitates collaboration.

She embraces Service:

  • She responds to the needs of the poor and the vulnerable.
  • She promotes social justice based on Catholic teachings.
  • She acts as a responsible citizen.