Transfer Students


Thank you for your interest in St. Francis Catholic High School!

We welcome transfer applications for our sophomore and junior classes on a space-available basis. St. Francis High School does not accept senior transfers unless they are coming from another Catholic high school or are moving from out of state. 

A complete application for transfer admission consists of the following: (1) Online application for admission, (2) Academic Record Report (transcripts and standardized test scores), (3) Principal, English and Math Recommendation Forms, and (4) Student/Parent Interview.

1. Application for Admission

Please click here to complete the online application for admission. The application has sections for both parents and the student to complete. The application does not need to be completed in one sitting; you can save it and return to complete it when convenient.   There is a $50 application fee. When completing the application for admission you will create a login that you will use to access your online parent portal for all the other steps in the admissions process.  After submitting the application, please wait 24 hours for the application to process, then log in and proceed to Step 2. 

Course Requests
We make every effort to place transfer students in requested courses, but not all requests for Honors and AP courses can be fulfilled. Honors and AP courses have application requirements and may have wait lists. If you have questions about whether St. Francis High School can honor your course requests, please contact Director of Enrollment Management Lisa Wilkins at or (916) 737-5095.

2. Academic Record Request

Click here to download and print the Academic Record Request. Complete your information and sign for the release of transcripts and standardized test scores. Give the completed and signed form to your daughter’s current school to complete and submit to St. Francis High School.

3. Recommendation Forms:  Principal, Math, English

After obtaining the email addresses for the applicant’s Principal, Math teacher, and English teacher, sign on to the parent portal and submit the recommendation form to each recommender. You must submit the application for admission to have access to the parent portal and send the recommendation forms.

4. Student-Parent Interview

All applicants, accompanied by at least one parent, will participate in an admissions interview. The interviews last approximately 15-20 minutes and will be arranged once the transfer application is complete. Transfer interviews currently take place via Zoom, or can be conducted during a campus tour.