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Arts News & Media

May 2021

41st Annual Sacramento Annual Academic Decathlon Art Competition: Winning Entries. This year’s competition title is The Cold War




Spring Musical: It Started Out Like a Song (Available via On-Demand through May 31)

It Started Out Like a Song


Opening Night received GREAT reviews. Get your ticket and watch with your friends/family. 

What a wonderful piece of work by Director - Kiera Anderson, Technical Director – Jeremy Toy, Vocal Director - Tina Harris, and Orchestra Director – Michelle See with 15 amazing actors, and many more Student Technicians. 



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The Odyssey…sort of written and performed by the SF Players Ensemble will be available through Showtix4u soon and will air at the end of February. This is the one act that our girls took to the regional Lenaea Theatre Festival this year. Stay tuned! 


Dance Concert “Boxed In” – (January 2021)

Boxed In

The Dance Concert with the SF Dance and Apprentice Companies performed in Jan 2021, our first streamed dance show.

 Dance is a challenging class to teach and learn via zoom but these very talented and committed dancers were able to create a wonderful concert called “Boxed In,” a response to being stuck at home during the COVID pandemic.