Alumnae HOCO Rally Seating


Alumnae HOCO Rally Seating – 2022!

The annual Homecoming Rally will be taking place on Friday, September 30th from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. The Homecoming Rally seating is limited to 100 people and for alumnae from St. Francis, Loretto and our sister schools only.  Join your Sisters for coffee, lemonade and our famous Chocolate Chip cookies in the Faculty Dining Room immediately following the Homecoming Rally.


1. Do I have to be an Alum of SFHS, Loretto, Bishop Armstrong or Bishop Manogue to attend?
– Yes

2. Can I bring my children, non-SFHS siblings or spouses to the Rally?
– No. Only Alumnae, Staff, Faculty and current SFHS students are allowed to attend.

3. Where do I park?
– Please consider carpooling as parking spaces will be limited. You can park in the visitor parking on Elvas Ave and the small gated area behind the gym. If parking is full you can park in the student lot.

4. What do I wear? 
– While there are no requirements for what to wear, it’s always fun to dress up. You can wear your class jersey, the students love seeing the vintage jerseys. Bring a sweater too, the gym can get cold. You can also wear the school colors or the current class colors:

2023 - Seniors – Mascot: Marie (Aristocats),  Class Colors: Raspberry & White
2024 - Juniors – Mascot: Tinker Bell, Class Colors: Green & Black
2025 -  Sophomores – Mascot: Vanellopes, Class Colors: Purple & Teal
2026 - Freshman – Mascot: Jessie, Class Colors: Blue & Gold