St. Francis Clubs

St. Francis offers more than 70 different clubs for the 2022-23 school year.  Each is listed below, in alphabetical order.  If you have any questions contact Mrs. McGreevy, Student Activities Director

2022-23 Approved Clubs:

A Better You

A place where we work on creating better versions of people, focusing on positive habits, and how to be the most productive, mindful version of yourself; especially when it comes to school-life balance. All three of us are very habitual people, so we were thinking of sharing our philosophies and ideas of what works for us, to hopefully motivate other people too!!

A Capella Blue Skirts

A Capella singing club – membership by audition.

A Touch of Kindness

The “A Touch of Kindness” Club meets quarterly, and around the holiday to make cards and write letters and notes to senior citizens in our community. Club leaders then drop off the cards at senior citizen homes. This club connects the both the older and younger generations through the power of a handwritten note.

Aerospace Engineering

This club centers around the Aerospace/Aeronautical engineering major and the potential careers within the field. The club will meet 4 times throughout the school year. Each meeting will have a presentation with a different career opportunity. This club is meant to be a causal way for young women to explore career opportunities within the Aerospace/Aeronautical engineering field.

American Sign Language Club

Students learn the the culture of ASL and the importance that ASL is for the deaf community. The students will learn the alphabet, simple greetings, finger spelling and so much more!

Against Animal Cruelty Club

Raising awareness against animal testing and cruelty.

Anime Club

Our goal is to sprout new relations, interests, and community within a small fandom on campus. This club brings all different anime fandoms together to enjoy some community and laughter. The club will introduce new anime content for those that are interested and will get students involved through games, fan art submissions, and other future club activities. Our hope as leaders is to not only accommodate those that have a passion for anime but also for those who want to slowly dip their feet in. With many different types of genres at students fingertips this club is great to help students do something fun during their downtime or to calm down from a busy school schedule.

APIC (Asian Pacific Islander Club)

A community for Asian American individuals at St. Francis that provides opportunities to connect with others and raise awareness about different matters across Asia.

Autism Awareness Club

We provide volunteer opportunities with non-profit organizations like FEAT (Families for Early Autism Treatment), to help provide fun activities to young adults with autism. This can include volunteering at FEAT events, as well as creating and running fun classes like art and STEM projects. We hope to raise autism awareness while taking action to educate and empower, as we envision an inclusive community.

Baking Club

Our club is where the bakers at St. Francis can come together and share the food they made! We will have different topics for each meeting, for example, baked goods from different countries or our favorite baked goods. Overall, the baking club is a chance for people to share recipes and make new friends over food!

Books Of Color

Books of Color is a club where students will discuss and review literary works written exclusively by people of color with non white main characters. The plots of the novel will not be centered around any racial trauma. The club is intended for students to broaden their perspective and more importantly to see themselves in diverse situations where they are not the sidekicks!


A way for the Black student body of St. Francis to come together and form a sense of community. This club will also act as a safe space for these students to share venerable things that are specific to the Black community that other ethnicities would not understand. This club would work in a way to bring a sense of self identification for those struggling with identity as well.

Camp Nefesh

A service-oriented club for the refugee summer camp, Camp Nefesh, with a focus on education about refugees and immigration in our community

Chess Club

This club gathers together to play light-hearted games of Chess. We will have small tournaments with chances to win small prizes. The goal of this club is to engage with our peers and bond over our love for the game!

Chinese Club

Chinese club exposes students to Chinese culture and language, promoting Chinese within the Saint Francis community

Chingu Club

A club revolving around Korean culture, we also have a dance team and perform covers of K-pop songs!

Creative Writing: Story-building and Critique

This is a place where those who are interested in writing can receive feedback and advice for building their stories.

Crochet for a Cause!!!

We teach//review how to crochet granny squares that we can later sew into blankets that we will donate to women’s shelters. We also would branch out to crocheting hats, headbands, socks and/or stuffed animals that we can donate to children’s hospitals. We were hoping the members could get service hours for their time depending on how many squares they could make. We also might use old clothing that all of us have turned into yarn to crochet with and that will also help reduce clothing waste.

Delta 7 H20

We organize park, river, and beach cleanups as well as talk about environmental sustainability, climate change, and legislation regarding our planet.

Dental Club

We learn about dental terminology, have guest dental speakers, and learn about all dental specialties.

Eco-Friendly Fashionistas

It is a sustainable fashion club where we will teach the art of thrifting + sewing, and why it is beneficial for the environment. Service is very important to us, so as a club we will be able sew things like blankets, scarves, etc. and donate them to different charity organizations (and even possibly get service hours if approved). We also would like to work with Mrs. Harris and help with costumes used in the school plays. We plan on hosting meetings once a quarter after school.

Environmental Justice

To educate students on how climate change affects people socially and economically, as well as, provide resources to create change in our community through legislation. It will have more of a energy and clean water approach to it. I plan to model our ideas off of current issues that the CA Energy and Air Resources Board is focusing on, such as offshore wind, hydraulic pumping, etc. It will also be clean water advocacy focused as well.


Hip hop dance club ~ membership by audition.

Film Club

Our club will bring all movie lovers together to watch and discuss new films each club meeting. We will have members vote on their favorite movies and which films they would like to watch each month.

French Club

French Club is a great way to experience French culture, indulge in delicious French food, and enjoy fun activities including: French movie week, picnics, caroling, dancing at International Night, and celebrating various holidays together. We strive to create a fun and safe environment for students to learn about and participate in French traditions.

Fruit Saviors

The purpose of this club is to actually pick excess fruit grown in known neighbor’s, friends and family’s yards and donate the fruit to local food banks. Many people have fruit trees that produce large quantities of fruit every year. While a lot of the fruit is picked for personal use, there is still a lot of fruit that remains unpicked and is eventually wasted. For example, I have a lemon tree in our front yard that produces a great deal of lemons every winter. We pick them once they’re ripe and while we give a lot to family and friends, we still have a couple of huge boxes of lemons we never use. In addition, my grandmother has a persimmon tree in her backyard that bears a lot of fruit. We use what we can, but some of the fruit still ends up going to waste. I’ m sure many families have this issue with apple and orange trees as well and it would be great if we could do something about this issue.

Rather than see all this fruit go to waste, Teaghan and I thought it would be a great idea to come up with a way to actually put the excess fruit to good use. We came up with an idea to start a club that would recruit other service minded girls to go as a group to collect all of the excess fruit that is not being used and donate it to a local food bank. Club members would talk to friends, neighbors and family members to inquire if they have fruit trees or know of anyone who would generously donate their excess fruit. We would collect this information and research appropriate harvest times, etc. Club members will pick and collect fruit and Teaghan or I will package the fruit into boxes and take to local food banks. To date, we are already in contact with food banks that will appreciate any fruit we collect. We are excited about this opportunity as we are hopeful that the fruit can benefit local food pantries and club members can obtain service hours if approved.

Gaming Club

The Gaming Club is where students can come together and talk about their favorite video games and make new friends based on their interests. We plan on making this a fun and safe place to de-stress, discuss different games, and play them throughout the meetings. Whether you’ve played one game or many, all students are welcome to join the club!

Garden of Eden

This is a gardening club for the school garden, where we’ll tend to the garden, plant new seeds for the different seasons, do maintenance and clean up, and make new friends who also share a green thumb! We’ll also have occasional presentations on composting, green waste, a beginner’s guide to planting, and on recycling. We will also try to do big projects once a semester, like field trips to the farmer’s market or a plant nursery. In addition, we will offer crafts for special days such as St. Francis Day, like building and painting birdhouses or decorating tiles for the garden.

Ghana Club

The Ghana Club will allow students to continue fostering the relationship with our sister school in Ghana and to help SF students understand the culture, customs, and daily lives of our sisters in order to connect the distanced communities


GRL PWR Club focuses on empowering and reaching out to females in our community, through awareness and service opportunities.

H.E.A.D.S. Up Troubies

H.E.A.D.S. up Troubies is a club aimed at informing and advising students on the health, empowerment, awareness, defense, and safety that all young women should be conscious of. The monthly lunch meetings are composed of short presentations, guest speakers (digitally), interactive activities, real-life applications, and open, honest discussions. The dynamic and approachable counsel makes it a safe and comfortable environment to discuss big issues on a smaller level.

Handwritten Club

Handwritten Club spends time crafting handwritten notes used to brighten up people’s days. We create notes for a variety of purposes, such as giving them to family, Eskaton/nursing homes, teachers during Staffulty Appreciation Week, and words of encouragement for students during finals week. In the past, we have also sent cards to frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic. The club has been at SFHS for 5 years, and we want to continue the legacy of spreading positivity with something as simple as a handwritten note made with thought and care.

Touching Minds and Hearts

This will be an informational club. We plan to educate members about the different career paths you can take within Psychology.

Hiking Club

Every 1-2 months the hiking club will go to a trail head in the greater Sacramento area and enjoy a day outside in nature. For our on campus meetings, we will discuss wildness safety, survival skills, taking care of the environment, planning next hikes, and sharing stories of professional hikers/backpackers.

Inclusion 360

A safe space for students to talk about their gender and sexual identities and exist within them.

Interact Club

Interact is the high school arm of Rotary International. We are a community service organization that seeks to make a difference in the school and community, discover new cultures and promote international understanding, and learn to become a leader within the campus and community. Interact has the consistent goal of organizing at least two projects per year: one that will aid the school, and one that promotes said international understanding. A Rotary club (organizations located throughout the world, though we are seeking to work with the East Sac organization) will sponsor and mentor Interacters as we carry out our projects. By joining this club, Interacters will get the opportunity to partake in RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awakening, a leadership camp, RYE (Rotary Youth Exchange, a student exchange program sponsored by Rotary, and numerous events such as World Interact Week and Global Youth Service Day. Not to mention, Interact club is a way for schools to come together and embark on service opportunities together.

Italian Club

Focuses on appreciation of Italian language and culture.

La Familia Club

La Familia is a club that unites Latinos, along with people interested in Latino culture, on campus. We strive to appreciate our culture with different activities and meetings.

Latin Club

The purpose of Latin Club is to promote the study of the Classics. Members will prepare to attend Regional and State-wide Latin conventions by creating cheers, preparing for academic and non-academic competitions, and more. We will also organize two performances for international night.

Marvel Club

Marvel Club is a group of students who love everything marvel. We will meet every other Monday during lunch (marvel Monday) and do any of the following: watch a marvel movie (continuing each meeting until we finish), talk about marvel movies upcoming and past, have a trivia session on the movies, shows, comics, etc.  Outside of school, we may even put on our marvel spirit wear and go watch the newest movie together in theaters.

Medicine and More

This will be a club to provide exposure on healthcare professions, from nursing to physician to EMTs. We will bring in guest speakers, have workshops, and do service projects for different healthcare-providing locations.

Modern Aesthetics

We, the club leaders, will introduce calligraphy, “pretty” note taking techniques, and bullet journaling to those that join the club.

Neuro/Psych Club (Neuroscience + Psychology)

The Neuro/Psych club seeks to provide resources for club members interested in the diverse fields of neuroscience and psychology. Our clubs purpose is to encourage the study of these two fields by connecting students to community resources such as visiting the UC Davis’s Research lab. Our club will include hosting guest speakers with backgrounds in neuroscience, psychology, and research studies. Throughout the year, we will be playing fun brain games, having interactive lectures, discussing topics in relation to psychology and neuroscience, and learning about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and social cognition. We will be providing information about available internships that students may want to take throughout the summer (EXPLO, World Strides, etc). We believe that by creating a greater appreciation of mental health and diseases affecting the nervous system, we can help promote as more comprehensive understanding of the people who are affected by them. Some of the topics that we will be covering throughout the year in our club will include,
– Problem solving
– Raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease
– Speech Disorders (speech pathology guest speaker)
– The role of hormones for the nervous system
– Learning and memory
– Analyzing the prefrontal cortex
– Analyzing the The Little Albert Experiment, 1920 (psychology experiment)
– The role of dopamine in the brain
Through all of the educational opportunities offered, our club is committed to expanding knowledge regarding the science of the brain and mind, thereby decreasing the stigma of behavioral, mental, and neurological conditions in our community and beyond!

Origami Club

We will be teaching origami to the club members. Each month we will have a different project (thing that we will teach them) and during the holiday month we will have themed projects. One of us will teach the club and the other will help people who are struggling with folding. We will have music and snacks for them. We also want to educate the club about the Japanese culture that origami came from.

Paper Hearts

This club is designed to share and fabricate little notes and art in scrapbooks with members of the club. Each member will be able to record whatever they want within the pages of their scrapbook. Then the scrapbook will be passed to another person for them to create and read. It’s a great way to express your creative side and connect with people!

Pep Band (Formerly Jazz Band)

This club will be an extension of concert band where we play pop culture music. We plan to play sporting events along with other SF occasions.

Potluck Pals

Our club is all about food and friendship. Basically, once a month we would have a potluck on campus with a different food theme each time (relating sometimes to holidays). Everyone would bring a dish/dessert/drink relating to the theme and agreeing with people’s food allergies. We would play games and have appropriate music playing during each potluck. One of the goals is to contact St. Mary’s and each person in the club would be a pen pal with a seventh or eighth grade girl.  Throughout the year each person would write to their pen pal (about a given topic)and towards the end of the year, everyone from St. Francis and St. Mary’s would come together for a potluck and finally meet their pal face to face. This club provides a great opportunity to meet people and provide community between St. Mary’s and St. Francis. It also gives middle schoolers an idea of the sisterhood at St. Francis.

Racial Justice League (RJL)

Racial Justice League is a safe and learning space for those of all different backgrounds. We’ll be participating in group discussions and working together to improve inclusivity on campus.

Religious Diversity Union

The Religious Diversity Union is a safe space for students of different faiths, cultures, backgrounds, etc to come together to share and learn with their peers. Students have the ability to give presentations and hold activities revolving around their background and discuss difficult topics.

Rick Riordan Book Club

A book club for fans of Rick Riordan’s books, especially the Percy Jackson series.

Rugby Club

Raising awareness about rugby and get people informed on the opportunities around like the saints club.

SF Book Club

We read a book each month and then get together to talk about it.

Sisters in Science

Lunchtime get togethers to inspire Troubies to be passionate about science, or to continue to feed the curiosity of those bitten by the science bug. Includes informative presentations, basic experiments, real life applications and analysis, career path advice, and other interactive learning experiences. 


A club where Troubies who share a common interest in dermatology, skincare, and cosmetic products can come together and talk about all things SKIN.

Society of Women Engineers

Educating members about the various fields of engineering. We will explore these fields through a variety of hands-on activities and will also invite guest speakers from all different areas of engineering!

Spanish Club

Celebrate all things Spanish

Spark Science

Meeting twice a month (once at SFHS during lunch, second at St. John’s Program For Real Change).
We will conduct science experiments at St. John’s Program For Real Change to the elementary kids that are there. The day before meeting at St. John’s, the club will meet at school to discuss the experiment.

St. Francis Key Club

Key Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with a plethora of opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Our goal is to make the world a better place, locally and globally, through service. Additionally, Key Club promotes four pillars: character building, inclusivity, leadership, and kindness through fun volunteering opportunities.


St. Francis’s STEM Club is a great place for Troubies to learn about any topic in STEM that they want to delve into! From 3D printing, to programming, to cryptography, STEM Club is the perfect way to nurture a newfound or preexisting interest in STEM. The club will host guest speakers from different areas of STEM, some of them St. Francis alumni, to teach students about the different roles that women in STEM have in the workforce. During lunches, Troubies will have the option of pursuing any interests that they may have. After school, STEM Club students will be working on group activities, such as ACSL (American Computer Science League) and other coding competitions.
STEM Club will be held once a week during lunch and every other week after school.

Tech Club

Learn about/work on various tech things on campus

The Mandolin

The Mandolin is the student-led school newspaper at St. Francis. We publish editions almost every month that contain school and global news we feel students at St. Francis should know.

The Mirror

The Mirror is the literary magazine at St. Francis. We publish an edition each semester which contain poems, pictures, short stories, and more from St. Francis students.

Troubie’s Foodies

Each meeting would have a theme, such as a country, culture, color, flavor profile, etc. Members of the club would then bring in a food related to the theme that can be shared with others. Everyone would try each food, and it would be a chance for people to try and learn about new foods, while also having conversations and meeting new people. Each meeting, members would also bring in one food item to donate. After the meeting, the club leaders would donate these food items to the Well Spring Women’s Center located in Oak Park. The Well Spring Women’s center feeds over 200 women and children each day and are always in need of food donations. We believe this club would be a great way to help our community, while also doing something we love.

Troubies for Human Rights

The Troubies For Human Rights club is a club focused on informing and supporting every student at St. Francis, who are passionate about human rights issues around the world. We plan on meeting monthly to discuss issues around the world and how we can support anyone in compromising situations due to these issues. We also host events such as group projects to make a positive impact in our world.

Troubies for Shriners Club

The club represents something that I hold very close to my heart. In June before 7th grade, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. This spinal deformation is very common, especially in younger women. I was prescribed a brace for the treatment of the curvature, rather than going through with surgery. I found it very helpful that I had a supportive group of friends, family, and doctors behind me as I entered into surgery in May of 2020. My scoliosis journey has been made less difficult because of the people I had supporting me. I would like to renew this club to continue to help girls become more knowledgeable about this condition. In addition, my club involves ways to support and volunteer at Shriners Hospital. Shriners Hospital for Children helped me through my surgery process. After going through my surgery I feel that it is important to spread more awareness about scoliosis. Not only does this club shed light on scoliosis, but girls also learn how to “have each other’s back”. I am also renaming the club to be Troubies for Shriner Club and we will serve as a support system for girls with scoliosis. We will also continue to create a safe educational environment within our club. We will also help by giving back to Shriners Hospital for their work in scoliosis management team and giving team.

Troubies in Politics

A club for people of all political backgrounds to come together and learn about current events and discuss the effects in our government. Inspire more women in government and politics.

Troubies Who Mean Business

This club focuses on educating girls on business skills, whether that is taxes, stocks, etc. We provide amazing resources to better become aware of the tools surrounding you with guest speakers, slides presentations, and facilitating Career Day.

Venture Capital Club

The Venture Capital Club is a club focused on the immersion of young women into the world of finance through venture capitalism, an area where women are traditionally underrepresented. The club will focus on the fundamentals of new business ventures and the financing behind them. We will explore the funding and process of investing in these companies. We will learn about the investment opportunities provided by startup companies and the processes that are behind finding the right startup to invest in. For example, we may learn about Social Venture Capital Firms which are benefactors of startups with a focus on social and environmental issues. By learning the basics of venture capitalism, members will be able to better invest in their future. This club will provide networking opportunities and speaker events for members. We will be collaborating with the Financial Literacy and Business Investment Club from Jesuit in shared events. Membership in the club will allow opportunities to expand knowledge of these endeavors as well as network with others who are interested.

Vinyl Club

At lunch we will listen to a record and discuss it’s influence on it’s genre and music as a whole. I’ll accept suggestions of records or artists so that all members will get to geek out about music and their favorite artists. I plan on doing extensive research on the artist or album being discussed and I will also have a record player in our classroom.

What Would You Do?

“What Would You Do?” is a seminar-style club that hosts group discussions and hands-on demonstrations to bring awareness to our Troubies of some of the dangers of the world and how to handle these situations safely. Each meeting would open with a topic being introduced, group problem-solving on how to handle it safely, and then a physical activity led by a professional. Topics being covered include protecting drinks, safe dating, self-defense, administering EpiPens, giving CPR and other first aid, and other difficult situations. Our goal is to encourage critical and quick thinking, give our members hands-on experience, and battle stigma around certain issues through open, judgment-free discussion. What makes us unique is the structure of our meetings, the topics we deal with, and how we allow our members to learn by doing.

Young Independents

A moderate and unbiased view on politics from all perspectives.