Overview Cassy McGreevy

St. Francis Clubs

2017 – 2018 Clubs

For more information on the current clubs and how to get involved, see Mrs. McGreevy or ask any Leadership Officer. Be sure to check out all of the booths at Club Rush in the Fall. 

  • Art Club
  • Asian Pacific Islander Club (APIC)
  • Astronomy Club
  • Black Latino Union
  • Brain Babble
  • Chingu Club
  • Comedy Club
  • Cowgirls Club
  • CyberPatriot
  • Disney Club
  • Expression Rhythm Attitude (ERA)
  • French Club
  • Future Financiers
  • Gaming Club
  • Gavel Club
  • Get Fit for a Cause
  • Girl Up Club
  • Girls 4 Gov
  • Girls Who Code
  • Got Hope?
  • Gourmet Club
  • Italian Club
  • Jazz Club
  • Keep Tahoe Green
  • Key Club
  • Latin Club
  • Mandolin
  • Medicine and More
  • Mini Life Savers
  • Mirror
  • Multiracial Student Association (MSA)
  • Netflix Club
  • Patriots Club
  • Photography Club
  • Pink Ladies
  • Running Club
  • Sand Volleyball Club
  • Show Choir
  • SF Techies
  • SF Unwritten
  • SF Young Entrepreneurs
  • Spanish Club
  • Sports Fan Club
  • Sports Media Club
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee
  • The Finer Things Book Club
  • The Hot Pockets
  • Troubies of the World
  • Uke-Ladies
  • UNICEF Club
  • V-Anime
  • Water for  a Warrior
  • Young Astronauts
  • Young Democrats
  • Young Republicans

Club FAQs

Why does SF have clubs?

St. Francis High School encourages the education of the whole person, and clubs provide opportunities for students to work towards our Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs). Organizations and clubs are plentiful, providing something for everyone: school and community service, academic competitions, cultural interests, spirit building, publications, and the development of special talents. 

Why would an SF student want to be in a club?

Extra-curricular activities allow students to develop leadership skills, pursue individual interests, and just have fun!

How do students know what clubs are active on campus?

Active clubs are listed above and in the Campus Life Center. This list is updated every quarter. The list provides the club’s name, president, moderator, contact information, and a few details about the club’s activities.

What do students need to know to start a club?

Active clubs are listed above and in the Campus Life Center. This list is updated every quarter. The list provides the club’s name, president, moderator, contact information, and a few details about the club’s activities. 

Students must be a junior or senior to start a club.  Applications are emailed in the Spring and should be returned to the Director of Student Activities, Laura Hanusek, in the Student Government Office or emailed to

What do moderators need to know for a new club?

New moderators will receive a Club Moderator Handbook, which outlines the duties of a club moderator. Each club moderator must turn in a moderator duties form that highlights the duties of the moderator for his/her particular club. This form is due within one quarter of the club’s acceptance.

What does a club have to do to stay official?

It is the goal of the Activities Office that clubs provide opportunities for students to develop their talents and interests within the scope of the St. Francis community. Clubs must continue to remain active throughout the school year in order to fulfill the purpose of the club and its constitution.

What could cause a club to be placed on probation or to be revoked?

A club may be placed on probation for one semester if members violate the club’s constitution, or if the club is inactive for an unreasonable amount of time. A club may be revoked if its members violate school rules. The Principal’s Council will determine whether a club is placed on probation or revoked. A club is not official if it does not have a faculty or staff moderator.

How can clubs promote themselves?

Clubs may promote themselves in a variety of ways. An officially recognized club may set up a table on Clubs Day in September. Clubs may also post flyers around campus, advertise in homeroom announcements, and use the Haiku internet resource to create a group website. At the discretion of the Director of Activities, clubs may also have the opportunity to give presentations in assemblies.

What does a moderator have to do to stay a moderator?

A moderator must fulfill all the duties outlined in the Club Moderator Handbook. This includes ensuring that the actions of the club supports the school’s philosophy, mission statement, and Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs). Moderators are responsible for the safety of students, maintaining a roster of student members, attending all club events (including official meeting, off-campus events, practices, conferences, and competitions), ensuring fiscal matters are handled properly, and communicating with the Director of Student Activities as requested (including attendance at meetings and timely return of documents).