Overview Cassy McGreevy

St. Francis Clubs

For more information on current clubs and how to get involved, see Mrs. McGreevy or ask any Leadership Officer. 

*Some clubs charge $10 dues. **Latin Club charges $20. Financial assistance is available for club membership dues. Please contact the Director of Student Activities, Mrs. McGreevy,  to request assistance.

Club Information Is being Updated- In meantime- see sheet here for more information

Acapella Blue Skirts 

An acapella singing club. Membership by audition only.

President(s): Olivia Walbeck
Moderator(s): Mrs. Harris

Art Club

We put up the exhibits at the school, the Christmas tree, and we also have the art community outreach. We make the banners for each incoming freshman class and go on a yearly trip to San Francisco to look at an Art Museum.

President(s): Kaiya Moser and Loren Ayers
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Stember 

Asian Pacific Islander Club (APIC)

Promote Asian Culture in formal and informal settings and bring people together who may have commonalities and to learn, explore, welcome diversity, and share our culture with others.

President(s): Suzanne Salazar and Emily Billena 
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Austin  and Ms. Lee ​

ASL club

This club is made to improve signing skills and to learn more about the deaf community

President(s): Riley Glenn, Drusilla Bowden-Iniguez​
​Moderator(s): Joan Biller

Black Student Union

A space for black students to talk to and support each other 

President(s): Mya Jefferies
​Moderator(s): Ms. Lee

Brain Babble

A philosophical and psychological club where we take deep and reflective topics and discuss our opinions. 

President(s): Audrey Reyes and Nicole McBride
​Moderator(s): Ms. Harrity

Chingu Club 

Celebrate and learn more about Korean culture, it’s history and celebrate Korean holidays. Additionally, the club focuses on K-pop (Korean pop) and performs K-pop dances at school wide events such as International Night, SFHS’ talent show, and Club Night.  

President(s): Izzy Asker
​Moderator(s): Ms. Stember


iDC! is going to be a club for discussion on DC topics. It will be like a book club for DC. We’re going to talk about different characters and their changes with the decades, and comics, movies, cartoons, and anything DC-related club members want to talk about. There’s probably going to be discussion on disagreements in the DCEU and Arrowverse too. 

President(s): Alyssa Appel
​Moderator(s): Mr. and Mrs. Williams

DIY Club

The DIY club’s purpose is to promote creativity among students in the form of crafts.

President(s): Brittany Ramirez
​Moderator(s): Ms. Bown


Expression, Rythme, and Attitude. SF’s beloved Hip-Hop dance group. Membership by audition only. 

President(s): Grace Shackleford
​Moderator(s): Ms. Lee

French Club

To promote the understanding and appreciation of French culture and language.

President(s): Maria Corvacho, Gabriella Ocaziones, Bella Donndershine, and Jaclynn Burgess
​Moderator(s): Madame Picca

Gaming Club

Allow students with similar interests to come together and meet new friends with a shared liking of gaming. Girls are able to play their favorite games with each other during meetings in a friendly and welcoming environment. 

President(s): Marie Simonian and Hannah Grehm
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Williams

Ghana Club

Continue to foster the relationship with our sister school in Ghana and to help SF students understand the culture, customs, and challenges of our sisters. 

​Moderator(s): Mr Tholcke, Joe Poggi

Girls Who Code

For anyone interested in coding and computer science to get more involved in STEM and to improve coding abilities

President(s): Riley Glenn and Claire Simon
​Moderator(s): Mr. Chamberlain


To brighten people’s days through anonymous letter writing.

 ​Moderator(s): Ms. Boylan 

Inclusion 360 

Not a club but a ministry that is run through the Campus Ministry Department that provides a community of support and a sense of safety and respect for the human dignity of the LGBTQ community at SFHS. 

President(s): Skylar Strawn, Sara Hadigian 
​Moderator(s): Mr. Tholcke and Mrs. McGreevy

Italian Club

An opportunity for current Italian students to further their involvement in Italian culture and to expose students who do not take Italian to be exposed to Italian Culture. We put together a dance for International Night and we go to see an Italian opera in San Francisco.

President(s): Kim Riley and Anna Makarewicz
​Moderator(s): Sra. Bertini

Jazz Club

Musicians who want to explore a new genera of music meet up to play different jazz songs. 

President(s): Bridget Kemp
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Harris

Kansei Japanese Club (KJC)

The word “Kansei” means “accomplished” or “finished”. We would like to help students learn more about the Japanese culture. We want to teach people the positive aspects of Japan and help them learn the language. (Japanese 101)

President(s): Tyra Moeller and Izzy Asker
​Moderator(s): Mr. Will

Key Club

International service club partnered with Kiwanis Family House

President(s): Kayden Tsuyuki and Audrey Reyes
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Shelly

La Familia

Celebrate Latinx traditions through cultural education and events as well as cultivate pride and love for Troubies culture and heritage. 

President(s): Andrea Campos
​Moderator(s): Ms. Sahmed

Latin Club 

Promotion of the classics.

President(s): Sara Hadigian, Lara Chappuie and Gabriella Perkins
​Moderator(s): Dr. Briggs

Lunch Club

Provide a space for students to gather during lunch to strengthen bonds and feel safe and welcomed

President(s): Hannah Hickman and Reese Mellor
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Selles

Medicine and More Club

Medicine and More is a club that provides students who have a interest in the medical field with more information through events, volunteering opportunities, conferences, and guest speakers. 

President(s): Sabrina Rahim
​Moderator(s): Ms. Ketcham

NHSDA – National Honor Society for Dance Arts

NHSDA or National Honor Society for Dance Arts. This club recognizes hard working students with a 3.0 GPA or higher that dedicate hard work and multiple hours to the dance arts.

President(s): Jennifer Phelan
​Moderator(s): Ms. Agata

Period No Girl Left Behind

We would meet once a month to package feminine hygiene products for homeless women in Sacramento and focus on education and awareness of feminine issues in the homeless community.

​Moderator(s): Ms. Bown

Racial Justice League

Bring racial awareness to the students of St. Francis, and through research, training, and processing, cultivate a safe environment and give students the opportunity to feel prepared in racial conflict. 

 President(s): Monet Cook and Marli Berry
​Moderator(s): Dr. Javier-Watson 

Real Simple

Bring awareness of environmental stressors and their effect on personal well-being

President(s): Olivia Hazeghazam and Nicole Wooster
​Moderator(s): Ms. Kym

Sand Volleyball

Students will be able to sign up for tournaments with a partner. If a student doesn’t have a partner coming in with them, they can meet a new friend through the club to play with! It’s a fun way to go outside and have some fun with friends! 

President(s): Kiley Kane, Kaitlyn Back and Juliana Venegas
​Moderator(s): Mr. Hanarhan


Student Athletic Advisory Committee – Membership by nomination only

President(s): Alyssa Jacobsen
​Moderator(s): Mark McGreevy

SF Bollywood

SF Bollywood teaches students about the different aspects of Indian culture, specifically music and dance. 

President(s): Ena Nyak and Ana Calderon

SF Buzz Club

The SF Buzz club was created to further expand the excitement and knowledge of the greater Sacramento area by recognizing and honoring our troubies commitment and dedication to their academics, athletics, and passions on and off campus. 

President(s): Peyton Spellacy 
​Moderator(s): Ms. Mary Anne Kelly and Ms. Namba 

SF Music Club

Provide girls who are passionate about music with a safe and constructive environment in which they can share their musical gifts and grow as artists.

President(s): Kelsi Towle
​Moderator(s): Ms. Sharon

SF Techies

We are responsible for almost all technical aspects of the school, including mass, the annual musical and play, as well as one acts. 

President(s): Molly Southard
​Moderator(s): Jeremy Toy

Show Choir

Membership by audition only.

President(s): Mackenzie Holmes, Camryn Smith
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Harris

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The SWE club focuses on educating our members about the various fields of engineering by exploring theses fields through a variety of fun, hands-on activities.

President(s): Caterina Almazan
​Moderator(s): Ms. MacDonald

Spanish Club

To promote the understanding and appreciation of Spanish culture and language.


Sports Media Club

Provide Media coverage of SFHS sporting events to our community. 

President(s): Bella McCullough
​Moderator(s): Mr. Shaff

The Hope Project

Provide SF Troubies with information about the cancer that that specific month celebrates. (EX: May = Brain cancer awareness month, etc.).  

President(s): Marisa Christopolus and Julia Hayes
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Stone

The Mandolin

The Mandolin is the student-led school newspaper at St. Francis. We publish editions almost every month and they contain school and global news that we feel students at St. Francis should know!

President(s): Jahnavi Mehta
​Moderator(s): Ms. Kirstien

The Mirror

The Mirror is the literary magazine at St.Francis. We publish editions once a month which contain poems, pictures, short stories, and more from St. Francis students.

President(s): Jahnavi Mehta
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Kropp

Troubies of the World

To bring awareness and inspire change by promoting Catholic Social Teachings

President(s): Kayden Tsuyuki, Alyanna Asuncion, Sarah Timm, Emmy Goebels
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Sharon

Troubies Save the Earth

Our club is going to make people aware about global warming and put forth our best effort to make our environment a cleaner and better place. We will also be active on campus by going around school recycling and picking up trash. 

President(s): Bianca Ariza and Julia Sandman
​Moderator(s): Mr. Norman

Troubies Who Mean Business

Open up the business world to students to learn business skills, participate in projects, and develop ideas that will prepare them for internships, college, and beyond.

President(s): Emma Halloran
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Rodgers and Sheree Johnston


Enjoy learning and playing the Ukulele, perform, and have fun. 

President(s): Megan Seifert and Kayla Mison
​Moderator(s): Mr. Chamberlain

Vinyl Club

A club for music enthusiasts to gather, discuss, and listen to music.

President(s): Audrey Lindroos, Kiaya Moser
​Moderator(s): Mr. Williams

Women Empowerment Club

Talk about empowering women of the world. Help spread women empowerment to everybody. 

President(s): Izzy Fauria
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Ferrara 

Young Astronauts

Discuss the latest news from NASA and Space X and discuss cool theories about space. 

President(s): Paige Kaufman
​Moderator(s): Mrs. McDonald

Young Democrats 

The Young Democrats club is an organization on campus in which students gather to discuss current political issues, find ways to do our part by going out into the community, and can be resources to each other as we develop as young students who want to seek change or learn to better understand public policy and the United States government through the perspective  of the Democratic party.

President(s): Caroline Wilkins
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Scheuber 

Young Independents

Provide a place for students who haven’t picked between the Republican or Democratic parties yet and offer students who view candidates on issues rather than based on political ideology or partisanship a place of community and discussion.

President(s): Emma Alizadeh
​Moderator(s): Mrs. Biller

Young Republicans

The Young Republicans club is an organization on campus in which students gather to discuss current political issues, find ways to do our part by going out into the community, and can be resources to each other as we develop as young students who want to seek change or learn to better understand public policy and the United States government through the perspective of the Republicans party.

President(s): Gabi Parish and Bella Vierra 
​Moderator(s): Mr. Poncini