Academic Decathlon


Academic Decathlon
(Aca Deca)

The “Aca Deca” experience offers students the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of a new topic each year, e.g. the French Revolution or the Great Depression. The team competes against other local high schools across a variety of areas (Economics, Art, Music, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science) in an annual competition including subject tests, speeches, essay, and the Super Quiz. Students from all GPA ranges needed! Interested students should contact coaches in April or May, as some meetings are held over the summer.

Meetings: Tuesdays, Thursdays, 3-4pm

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Academic Decathlon 2016 Season Finale

Academic Decathlon wrapped up their season this week. The theme this year was India. Competition was last Saturday, February 6, and the banquet where results were announced was last Tuesday, February 9. Overall, we placed 11th out of 21 teams in Sacramento County.