Troubie Parent 101
Thursday, July 6, 2017 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

We would like to invite all Class of 2021 parents and incoming transfer parents to an informational evening just for new St. Francis families. At this meeting parents will learn more about:

General information

Summer Math Packets 2017

Students should complete their Summer Math Packet prior to the first day of school.

General information


Incoming students may obtain a roster for carpooling. If you are interested in carpooling, please complete the Carpool Interest Form. A spreadsheet of interested families will be emailed to participating families on May 1, 2017. 



Freshman Registration Night
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Freshman Registration Night

Registration Night for the St. Francis High School Class of 2021 will be held on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

  • Last names A – L, your presentation begins at 5:00 pm in the gym. The Troubie Store opens at 4:30, so feel free to arrive earlier to purchase uniform items. You may visit with teachers and coaches after your presentation.
  • Last names M – Z, your presentation begins at 6:00 p.m in the gym. You may visit with teachers and staff or shop the Troubie Store for uniform items before and after your presentation.

What happens at Registration Night?  You will pick up your registration packet and complete the Freshman Scheduling Worksheet that tells us which foreign language, PE, and electives you would like to take. There will be a short informative presentation by Class of 2021 Guidance Counselor Mr. Joe Poggi.  

               Stop by the photo booth for your first “official”
                           SFHS Class of 2021 pics!

Who will be at Registration Night? Staff members from the following departments will be on hand to answer your questions:

  •     Guidance and Academic Support
  •     Modern & Classical Languages (French, Italian, Latin, and Spanish)
  •     Electives (Ministry Leadership, Technology, Visual and Performing          Arts, Health)
  •     Math and Science Department faculty
  •     P.E.
  •     Athletics
  •     Academic Teams
  •     Student Activities (leadership and clubs)

    Click here for a short student video on the four language options for St. Francis High students.

Can I buy uniform items? Yes, the Troubie Store will be open from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. if you’d like to purchase your uniform and other items. We strongly recommend that you try on sample sizes of the blazer (required for formal uniform days) and place your order because all blazer orders are due by April 7, 2017.

Do we have to buy new uniforms? You are not obligated to purchase new uniform items, except for the formal uniform blazer, which must be ordered by April 27, 2017. We will be hosting a used uniform sale later in the spring. 

Do I need to RSVP? There is no need to RSVP, just come to campus at the assigned time (5:00 for last names A-L, 6:00 for last names M-Z). Registration packets will be available for all students in the gym foyer.

What if I can’t make Registration Night? If you cannot make it to Registration Night please contact the Admissions department at and we will make arrangements to complete the Freshman Scheduling Worksheet and purchase uniforms after March 22nd.

What about Freshman Parents? Of course we want all Class of 2021 parents to join us! You’ll hear important information about scheduling classes, meet with teachers and coaches, and meet fellow new Troubie parents.

We will also have Livescan fingerprinting services available in case you’d like to complete your fingerprinting to be eligible to volunteer at St. Francis. Already been fingerprinted through the Diocese? Complete the Records Request form to have your fingerprints shared with SFHS.


Placement Options

St. Francis utilizes an 8 block schedule, but a typical schedule for an incoming freshman includes 7 classes and 1 free block. 

Freshman classes are organized as follows:
  • Required classes assigned to all freshman students: English, Social Studies, Theology
  • Required classes students are placed in based upon test scores: Math, Science
  • Required classes that allow for student options: World & Classical Language, PE
  • Electives: Fine Arts, Technology, Leadership, Health*

    At Freshman Registration Night (March 22, 2017) students will complete their Freshman Scheduling Worksheet to request their electives. The Worksheet will have the student’s Math, Science, and (if a challenge test was taken) Foreign Language filled in.

Required Classes Assigned to Freshmen Students: 

ENGLISH  [Eight semesters required for graduation]

  • English 9 is a literature-based class that develops the skills students need to interpret, analyze, discuss and write about literature. Students participate in the “shared inquiry” method of literary analysis, which develops their literary interpretation skills. Seminar discussions promote clear communication and the use of textual support to answer interpretive questions. The writing component of the class develops competence in fundamental grammar, rules of usage, and basic paragraph and essay writing. (2 semester class)

SOCIAL STUDIES [Seven semesters required for graduation]

  • Historical World Geography is a one semester course designed to introduce students to the five themes of geography (Location, Place, Movement, Human – Environment Interaction, and Regions) in order to examine human socioeconomic organization through a historical perspective.  Geography and its interrelationships are viewed through the historical perspectives of Ancient Greece and Rome, Ancient China, Ancient India, the Rise of Islam, African Civilizations, and Pre-Columbian Civilizations to give students a sophisticated view of the world and an understanding of human life.

THEOLOGY [Eight semesters required for graduation]

  • Jesus Through the Ages is a part reflection, part Christology. This class explores the history, culture, deeds, and words of the Lamb of God as well as the faith traditions of first-century Christians.  Students are prompted to explore their own life of faith in light of the Gospel Message. (1 semester class) 
  • Introduction to Scripture invites students into friendship with God through the revelation expressed in the Old and New Testaments.  Students explore the nature and development of these writings and come to understand the Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith. The course provides tools of interpretation and methods of discerning inspiration, progressing through an appreciation of symbolism and the vitality of the “word”.  Students have an opportunity to study the evolution from oral traditions to the early written scriptures in the early church community. (1 semester class)

Required Classes Students are Placed in Based Upon Test Scores:

SCIENCE [Six semesters required for graduation]                  

Based on test scores, freshman are placed in one of the following three science classes:

  • Integrated Science is a survey course that engages students in scientific inquiry while developing their natural curiosity about the world around them.  Students participate in discussion, projects, and lab investigations.  The curriculum of this course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for future lab sciences.  The class devotes one academic quarter to each of the four sciences: chemistry, physics, earth science, and biology. (2 semester class)
  • Biology  is a laboratory science course that focuses on the study of life.  The course begins with an inquiry into the chemistry of life and proceeds to an examination of the fundamental concepts of cellular biology, including in-depth study of cellular structure and function.  Biology students study photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cell growth and division, the fundamentals of DNA and RNA, genetics, evolution, and the anatomy and physiology of the human immune and reproductive systems.  The Biology course introduces students to bacteria, viruses, fungi, animals, and plants, focusing on their cellular similarities and differences.  Scientific thinking, analysis, and laboratory skills are emphasized along with Biology’s connections to other scientific disciplines.  Students practice scientific writing skills and learn to think deeply in order to apply what they have learned.  A time equivalent of approximately one period per week is spent in the laboratory. (2 semester class)
  • Honors Biology is designed to teach the student the fundamental principles of Biology and to prepare her to succeed in future biologically based courses on the high school and college level.  The curriculum is covered in greater depth and at a more accelerated pace than Biology. Honors Biology engages the student with numerous demonstrations, laboratory exercises, microscopy and dissections as they discover Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cytology, Molecular Biology, Genetics,  and Anatomy and Physiology.  The course aims to teach students the necessary laboratory skills needed for success in science courses, such as observation, analysis of data, microscopy, and dissection.  Critical thinking and communication are an integral part of this course. (2 semester class)

MATH  [Six semesters required for graduation]

​Freshmen are placed in one of the following six math classes:

  • Algebra 1 is a standard first year Algebra course. Topics covered include operations with real numbers, solving and graphing linear equations, word problems, introduction to polynomials, factoring, quadratics, and radicals. (2 semester class) Freshmen will be placed in Algebra 1 unless they take the optional Math Challenge Test for placement in Geometry, Algebra 2, or Pre-Calculus.
  • Geometry continues to review basic Algebra skills, but focuses on completing the common core standards for Geometry. Major topics include geometric proofs, properties of parallel and perpendicular lines, congruent triangles, basic properties and area and volume of two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures, similarity and proportions, basic trigonometric functions, constructions, and coordinate Geometry. (2 semester class)
  • Honors Geometry While the pacing is not dramatically different from the standard Geometry course, the depth of understanding and level of difficulty of problems done for homework and exams is significantly different. In addition, the student will be assigned more proofs (direct and indirect).(2 semester class)
  • Algebra 2  is the standard second year course in Algebra. Basic concepts are extended to include three-dimensional systems and their solutions; also developed are functions, relations, irrational and complex numbers, conies, exponential functions, log functions, and sequences and series. (2 semester class)

*Important for Incoming Freshman:  UC and CSU college systems require Geometry on a high school transcript.  Students taking Geometry in the 8th grade may submit their 8th grade report card to the university when applying but the report card must state Geometry not just Math.

  • Honors Algebra 2 While the pacing is not dramatically different from the standard Algebra 2 course, the depth of understanding and level of difficulty of problems done for homework and exams is significantly different. The student is being prepared for Honors Pre-calculus and AP Calculus. (2 semester class)
  • Pre-Calculus This course is designed to help students truly understand the fundamental concepts of Algebra and Trigonometry. Algebra and Trigonometry will be used to model and solve real-life problems. A successful student will be prepared for Calculus. (2 semester class)

Required Classes that Allow for Student Options:

MODERN & CLASSICAL LANGUAGES [Four semesters required for graduation]

Freshmen select between:

  • French 1 (2 semester class) 
  • Italian 1 (2 semester class) 
  • Spanish 1 (2 semester class) 
  • Latin 1.  (2 semester class)

Students may take an optional challenge test to place into a second-year or higher language program. 

P.E. REQUIREMENT [Three semesters + Health required for graduation] 

P.E. choices are:

  • Dance Styles  (1 semester class) 
  • Recreational Fitness  (1 semester class) 
  • Yoga (1 semester class) 
  • Audition Classes that meet the PE requirement include Dance Company, Apprentice Dance Company, Intermediate Dance, Hula Club, Show Choir, and Introduction to Show Choir. 

Participation in any level of a St. Francis High School Athletic team fulfills the PE requirement in the semester the sport is played. Each freshman will be registered in a regular PE course until she is accepted on a team and the coach submits a roster to the Athletic Director. Even if you plan to go out for a sport, you will still be asked to select a PE class.

Elective Classes: 

Freshmen may select two classes from among the following options: (both options may be in Fine Arts)

FINE ARTS [2 semesters required for graduation] 

  • Drawing 1, Painting 1, Figure Sculpting 1 and Digital Photography 1
  • Theatre Arts
  • Concert Choir
  • Audition classes that meet the Fine Arts requirement include Chamber Singers, Orchestra, Introduction to Show Choir, and Show Choir


  • Computer Graphics (1 semester)
  • Intro to Computer Programming (2 semesters)


  • Ministry Leadership (1 semester; open to all students)
  • Student Leadership (2 semesters; required for freshman officers)


Required for graduation, may be taken any time during 9th-12th grades or in summer school. (1 semester)


Challenge Tests

St. Francis offers incoming freshmen optional challenge tests in Math and Foreign and Classical Languages. Freshmen wishing to take Algebra 1 or a first-year Language class do NOT need to take a challenge test. 

Challenge tests will be held on Saturday, March 4th from 9:00 am to Noon, with makeup challenge tests being administered on Wednesday, March 8th from 3:30 to 5:00 pm.



Please click here to learn more about uniforms and the St. Francis High School dress code.



March 4, 2017:  Optional Challenge Tests (Math and Languages)
March 8, 2017:  Makeup Challenge Tests
March 22, 2017:   Freshman Registration Night
August 11, 2017:  Freshman Overnight Retreat
August 14, 2017:  Freshman Orientation
August 15, 2017:  First Day of Classes


Freshman Overnight Retreat
8/11 4:45 pm arrival - 8/12 9:00 am pick-up

Please join us the evening of Friday, August 11th for our Freshman Family Mass and Overnight Retreat.  All incoming freshmen and their families are invited to celebrate Mass, meet fellow classmates, and Big Sisters, and kickoff our retreat theme, “Oh the Places You’ll Go.”  Please arrive at 4:45 pm for parents and students to check-in by the CLC.  Following Mass, families will say their goodbyes as the Class of 2021 gathers for dinner and a fun-filled evening of games, music, and information sessions on what it means to be a Troubie.


Student Leadership

Class of 2021, join the Freshman Student Council! Selection is based on interviews and group team building activities held with a panel of St. Francis staff and students representing the Associated Student Body at SFHS. Positions include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Spirit Coordinator, Historian, and Ministry Coordinator.

The St. Francis Student Council, comprised of Student Body Officers and Class Officers, works to promote unity among students and provide a variety of activities that enhance the development of St. Francis students and are consistent with the school’s philosophy. Student council members act as representatives of their classmates in all student issues.

If you are interested in interviewing for a Freshman Student Council position, please complete the 2017 Freshman Student Council Application and return it to Cassy McGreevy, Director of Student Activities, by May 30, 2017. All instructions and details are provided in the application.

Timeline for Freshman Student Council selection 2017-2018:

  • May 30, 2017:  All Freshman Student Council Applications, Google Slide presentations, and recommendations are due no later than 4:00 pm. Recommendations and Google Slide presentations may be emailed to
  • June 21st, 1:30 to 4:30 pm or June 28th, 1:30 to 4:30 pm: Interviews for Freshman Class Council candidates will be held. You will be contacted to schedule your appointment day.
  • August 10, 2017:  There will be an all day, mandatory retreat for all Student Council members.



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