Hall of Fame Criteria

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Selections for the Hall of Fame will be designated into four categories: Athlete, Coach, Contributor and Team. 

All nominations should be evaluated based on the criteria listed below, as well as commitment to the pillars of St. Francis High School (Faith, Excellence, Service, Leadership).  Entry into the Hall of Fame per the Team designation will not preclude secondary entry via one of the individual designations. To be considered, an individual must be in good standing with the school and Diocese of Sacramento.

  • ATHLETE: St. Francis High School alumnae who were outstanding athletes during their time at St. Francis, or who went on from St. Francis to achieve significant success as an athlete.  This designation may reflect individual athletic ability, contribution to the team, honors and awards (both within the institution and in the community) and competition results.  Individuals submitted within the Athlete designation are eligible 10 years past their graduation year.
  • COACH:  Persons who have served as the Head Coach of a recognized school sport at St. Francis High School are eligible for this designation.  Individuals must be removed from the role for which they are being nominated for at least five years prior to entry into the Hall of Fame.  Selection may be based on team records and accomplishments, individual honors and awards, leadership, loyalty and the development of student-athletes.
  • CONTRIBUTOR:  Eligible individuals for the Contributor designation will have made significant contributions over an extended period of time in support of the St. Francis High School athletics department.  Common areas of influence will include volunteerism, longevity of service and demonstrated positive impact on the growth of the student-athletes.
  • TEAM:  A specific team (one unique season of sport) may be inducted as a group into the Hall of Fame. The team may be selected based on team record and accomplishments, impact on the sport and the community and unique circumstances reflecting the embodiment of team unity or individual sacrifice for the greater good.  Teams are not eligible for induction until 10 years past the season of note.