A Culture of Philanthropy

Overview MaryAnne Kelly

A Culture of Philanthropy

At St. Francis, we cultivate women who will change the world during their time here and after. Women who change the world understand the critical role of philanthropy in a community for creating engagement, caring and trust.

We begin with engagement; from our Troubies, to our families and staffulty, there is a joyous expectation that we volunteer to serve together. These opportunities to work side-by-side solidify community and bring out the best in each of us. As we become more engaged in the needs of the school and world, we become more aware of the women who will be needed to bring positive change. This moves us all to be generous with our time, talent and treasure.

This is also why our single biggest one-day of giving is rooted in gratitude: Thankful Thursday. This is a special day when we share our stories of gratitude and make a gift that ensures

This is the culture of philanthropy. An attitude. An understanding. A behavior.

We give back. No matter how you first experienced St. Francis—whether as a student, parent, family member or friend, employee, employer of a St. Francis graduate, or neighbor—you were changed for the better by that experience.

We invite you to invest in the mission of St. Francis Catholic High School to continue making a difference in the lives of our Troubies and the larger community. St. Francis gratefully accepts checks, cash, and online donations. We also offer Planned Giving opportunities and are able to accept Vehicle Donations, and/or donations of Stocks and Securities. 



Spirit of San Damiano Award

About the Spirit of San Damiano Award

St. Francis Catholic High School introduced “The Spirit of San Damiano Award” to recognize outstanding individuals who have significantly contributed to our school community by modeling our pillars of faith, excellence, leadership and service for a period of 10 years or more.