Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures 2023-2024

Email blast
Elias Mendoza

Dear St. Francis Parents,

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday and our Troubies are back on campus! We had a wonderful Back to School Rally this morning and the energy and enthusiasm of our students was palpable. 

I’ve been out in the drop-off/pick-up area over the past few days, and see that some of you are making great efforts to get your daughters to school on time, as well as picking them up before 4:30pm. Thank you for making that a priority and ensuring their safety at all times. 

I want to draw your attention to some important drop-off/pick-up information that was shared earlier this summer. If you have a grandparent or another family member dropping-off or picking up your student, please share this information with them too. 

The main school entrance to campus off Elvas Ave., will be closed at 2:50pm to all parent traffic, and may not be used during the afternoon pick up time. Students with afternoon appointments should leave campus by 2:45pm in order to minimize congestion in the pick-up zone in front of the school.  Parents dropping off items after 2:50pm, will have to use the cell phone entry or drop-off items later in the day or in the morning.

All parent drivers picking up students after school must use the cell phone parking area (old Armory parking lot) to wait for their student to call. This is similar to what we do when we pick up folks from the airport. Park in the Armory lot and wait for your daughter to text you when she is ready to get picked up. This will limit the number of vehicles lining up and congesting the pick up lines.

  • The entrance to the pick up zones will not open until 3:00pm, when school is dismissed. Please do not stack up in line until your daughter actually calls you.  
  • Drivers may pick up their student in front of the school or down by the Gymnasium building only after the student has called saying she is ready for pickup or after 3:15pm. 
  • Drivers whose students are not immediately available for pick up should exit the pick up lanes and return to the cell phone lot until the student is available.
  • Drivers need to pull as far forward towards the gym building as possible before having student/s enter/exit the vehicle.
  • Students should exit/enter their vehicle as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on the drop-off/pick up lanes.
  • There is NO waiting or parking in the pick up lanes in front of the school (except as caused by stop light cycles).  
  • There is NO pick up of students in the student parking lot areas, as it poses a safety hazard.
  • There is NO parking in the visitor spaces in front of the school, unless you have official business.
  • If you have a novice driver, please switch drivers in the cell phone lot so you don’t stall traffic in the drop-off/pick up lanes.
  • There is NO pick up on M Street or in any of the surrounding neighborhoods.  We have an understanding with the neighbors not to use these areas.  
  • There should be NO lane switching in front of the school during drop-off/pick up once you are in an established lane. Crossing over lanes stalls all traffic behind the driver.
  • NO speeding, the speed limit for the SFHS parking and driving areas is 5 mph. 
  • Please keep a lookout for students crossing drop-off/pick up lanes.

I am including the drop-off/pick up entrance and route that was shared earlier this July. If you have any questions, please reach out and let me know. 

In the spirit of Pax et Bonum (peace and goodness),

Elias Mendoza