SFHS Listening Session – #1


As a Catholic community, we believe our faith in Christ must guide us to healing and reconciliation. Racism is a sin that divides the human family. It has hurt our St. Francis Catholic High School community. 

As a community who cares, we feel the responsibility to not just talk about the life and dignity of each person, especially our students of color, but to make meaningful changes through our actions and how we operate at St. Francis Catholic High School. Just as we hold the mirror up to societal and systemic injustice and prejudice, we hold the mirror up to ourselves. We are proud of our students and alumnae who have shared their stories and wounds—holding the mirror up to our school so that we can see where we’ve failed and how we need to change and continue to get better.

When we hear that students of color experience our school in a negative way, as we’ve heard so clearly on social media, we’re going to work hard to address it. We stand with our students as partners in creating a thriving learning environment and a more just world. Racism has no place in our world or in our community. 

As we continue to navigate the days ahead, we invite dialogue and will remain part of the conversation. We are a school that encourages and supports women in using their voices; we are proud that our students and alumnae are not silent. The dialogue that is going on on social media is another opportunity to hear and better serve our students. We’ve made mistakes. People have been hurt. We hear the call to do better. We can and will do better. 

We would like to invite all students, parents, alumnae and staff to be a part of a virtual Zoom conversation with our administrative staff this upcoming Friday, June 5, 2020 at 4:30 PM PST. Please join us as we take the first steps to truly hearing your voices. 

Listening Session for the SFHS Community
Friday, June 5, 2020 at 4:30 PM PST
All SFHS Community are welcome

You can no longer register for the Listening Session for the SFHS Community as we have reached our technical capacity of 1,000 registrants. Please complete the below information and we will send you a summary of the meeting, as well as keep you apprised of any future sessions and St. Francis’ plans to continue to improve in creating a climate where all students are seen, heard and validated. 
Questions: email listening@stfrancishs.org