Volunteer Appreciation 2019

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019 we celebrated our extraordinary parent and grandparent volunteers. Without all of their help, we would not be able to do all that we do! Here is a poem that helps illuminate just how we feel ❤️ It is called Dedicated Hearts;

Dedicated hearts like yours
Are not so easy to find.
It takes a special person to be
So generous and kind.
To care so much for your fellow man
Is a quality all too rare.
Yet you give of your time and talents,
For all in need to share.

So thank you for being a volunteer,
We’re privileged to work with you.
We want you to know how appreciated you are,
Not just today, but the whole year through.

The following parents and grandparents went above and beyond. Congrats & Thank you to: 
Lori Aldrete Ann Nickum 
Kelly & Mark Ariza
Jeff Southard
Rebecca Badeaux
Jerry & Ann Watkins
Tanya Bell
Beth Watley
Lori Porter
Karen McManus
Kristen Venegas
Mike Tringale
Jeff Kopp
Keith Davis
Tracy Foote
Miguel Buenrostro

Please join us in thanking them for their tireless service, rain or shine, to make our campus a safer place for everyone!!!
Here are a few photos from the evening, enjoy!

Here are a few photos from the evening, enjoy!