Student Records
Transcripts - Cumulative Files - Withdrawal



The transcript is a permanent record of high school courses taken and grades/credits earned. If accounts are not settled with the school, a graduation date will not be posted on the transcript. Transcript Request Form

Access to Student Files

Parents shall have access to their child’s permanent records maintained by the school. Students 18 years of age or older have the same right of access (DSB 5415). Parents wishing to review records will make an appointment with an Assistant Principal. Parents may also request and receive a copy of their child’s records. The copy will be clearly marked as a copy; originals will never be released to parents until the student has withdrawn or graduated.

Withdrawal from School

Students whose parents wish to withdraw them from St. Francis High School during a semester or at the end of a semester must complete the withdrawal procedures and file proper information with an Assistant Principal.   If a student leaves during a semester without officially withdrawing, the student may receive an “F” grade in all courses. Transcripts will not be issued until withdrawal process is complete.