Student Support Program Offerings


A referral for Support Services may be made to the Director of Guidance, Dorie Baker

Troubie Prep

This summer course for 9th grade students begins before freshman year and helps students overcome academic challenges and maximize personal strengths. With a focus on English and Math, students gain study skills and academic content knowledge to support their progress all four years at St. Francis.  

Study Skills

This semester class is designed to support the 10th – 12th grade students in all of their coursework. Troubies learn effective study and test-taking skills and hone their organizational and time management skills as well as success across all subject areas. 

CSF/Peer Tutoring

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) and peer tutors offer support throughout the school day and after school in all subject areas. Students can be matched with a peer who has successfully completed coursework in the subject area and receive one-on-one support.

Education Support Program

St. Francis affirms that students with learning differences are given the opportunity to receive a quality Catholic education in a supportive environment. For students with documented learning differences, we offer a Formal Education Plan (FEP) and Medical Education Plan (MSP) which provides appropriate in-class interventions based on the unique learning styles of each student. Students with diagnosed behavioral or medical challenges are also fully supported.