The Theology Department is a central and integral part of St. Francis High School. We believe that people encounter God in their everyday activities; it is our goal as religious educators to promote the awareness of God’s presence and encourage the interaction of God’s grace and our free response. The Theology Department prepares the students to go forth as living examples of service, community building and faith. There is an ecumenical spirit in our Catholic school which serves those of different Christian denominations, Orthodox traditions, and the Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Islamic faiths.

The eight semesters of theology:

  • Present the core beliefs and practices of Roman Catholicism.
  • Foster an appreciation of: Prayer and Worship; Ethical behavior; Christian Service; Reverence for the mystery of life; Respect for people and religions.


9th Grade
  • Introduction to Scripture
  • Christology
10th Grade
  • Paschal Mystery
  • The Church
11th Grade
  • Sacraments
  • Interfaith Dialogue (P)
12th Grade
  • The Moral Life in Christ
  • Social Justice