2017 Speech State Qualifier


State Qualifier Tournament

Antelope HS

Feb 24-25

Speech Special Recognition Awards: A special congratulation goes to Alexandra Retodo ‘17 and Olivia Fu ‘18 who were selected for the Dream Team award. Coaches select the top seven speech students in the region to create a “dream team” of all-star performers. This is a distinguished honor, not only for Alexandra and Olivia, but for St. Francis, too!

Congratulations to the members of the Speech Team who competed on February 24 & 25 at Antelope HS for the Speech Qualifier, including:


Isabelle Bauman ‘17- Original Oratory and Original Prose and Poetry

Julia Cannon ‘17- Oratorical Interpretation

Natalie Chan ‘19- International Extemporaneous

Tessa Crouch ‘19- Original Oratory and Original Prose and Poetry

Yukta Gutta ‘19- Oratorical Interpretation

Aleena Khan ‘18- Oratorical Advocacy

Lauren Kim ‘20- Thematic Interpretation and Oratorical Interpretation

Mimi McMahon ‘18- Oratorical Interpretation

Carmen Ocazionez ‘18- DUO and Dramatic Interpretation

Alexandra Retodo ‘17- Impromptu and International Extemporaneous

Maya Solis ‘18-  Original Oratory and International Extemporaneous

Nicole Young ‘18- Thematic Interpretation


Isabelle Bauman ‘17- Original Prose and Poetry 5th

Tessa Crouch ‘19- Original Prose and Poetry 3rd

Aleena Khan ‘18- Oratorical Advocacy 6th

Lauren Kim ‘20- Thematic Interpretation 5th, Oratorical Interpretation 7th

Alexandra Retodo ‘17- International Extemporaneous 1st

Maya Solis ‘18-  Original Oratory 6th, and International Extemporaneous 6th

Nicole Young ‘18- Thematic Interpretation 3rd