Student Activities


Student Activities
Something for Everyone

SFHS encourages its students to reach out – to explore new horizons, to get involved in global concerns, and to help shape ideas and technologies of the future.  Organizations and clubs are plentiful, providing something for everyone. Learn more about St. Francis Clubs here.

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities allow students to develop leadership skills, pursue individual interests, and just have fun! Nearly all St. Francis students participate in some form of student activities. Student government plays an important role in shaping the school calendar and channeling the efforts of classes. The school year is rich in activities, ranging from dances and concerts to major traditions such as the St. Francis Day Celebration and Homecoming Week (unrivaled anywhere!).

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St. Francis Clubs

2021-2022 CLUB RUSH

Look through the club slides below and choose which ones you are most interested in.
Consider how many clubs you can truly dedicate yourself to and have time for

Sign up HERE BEFORE Friday, September 3

If you have any questions contact Mrs. Mcgreevy, Student Activities Director


Slide 3: Asian Pacific Island Club (APIC)

Slide 4: Black Student Union (BSU)

Slide 5: Chingu Club

Slide 6: French Club

Slide 7: International Women’s Cultural Connection Club

Slide 8: Italian Club

Slide 9: La Familia

Slide 10: Latin Club

Slide 11: MSA (Muslim Student Association)

Slide 12: SF Bollywood Club

Slide 13: South Asian Troubies Club

Slide 14: Spanish Club




Slide 3: Dental Club

Slide 4: Med for Mammals

Slide 5: Medicine and More

Slide 6: Sisters in Science

Slide 7: Society of Women Engineers

Slide 8: Spark Science

Slide 9: STEM Club

Slide 10: The Green Team

Slide 11: Troubies Save the Earth

Slide 12: Young Astronauts


Student Leadership

Leadership course is a required class if you have been elected as a Student Body Officer or Class Officer. Students in this class will develop an understanding of leadership theory, personal development, communication, organization, community building, and ethics in leadership. The purpose of this class is to organize, manage, and evaluate school-wide activities and events, increase school spirit, participate in community activities and events, facilitate communication within St. Francis, and support the St.


Why do student internships matter?

Women are historically underrepresented in positions of power and influence.  Currently, women comprise only 5.8% of CEOs and 20.2% of directors on the boards of Fortune 500 companies.  Women hold just 19.4% of seats in Congress, and there are only 4 women governors in the country. The sooner we expose young women to professional opportunities in their fields of interest, the sooner they can begin to advance their career interests and professional trajectories.  The barriers to workplace advancement start early.

What can we do as educators to expose our young women to professional opportunities and give them a jump start on workplace skill building? Helping students take their career aspirations and translate them into concrete plans for their futures is critical if we are to change women’s access to leadership positions in the workplace and society.  Women remain underrepresented in boardrooms, elected offices, and executive suites (Marianne Cooper, Stanford University’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research). Despite earning half of college degrees, “women are not at the table and their voices are not heard,” in business and government. When speaking about boards, committees, and other decision-making entities, Cooper shares, “the more powerful something is, the fewer women will be there.


The Mandolin
St. Francis High School's Student Newspaper

The Mandolin reports on global, local, and school news. Members of the Mandolin Club are encouraged to write on topics about which they are passionate! (We love fun crossword puzzles, too!)

We look for hard-working and dedicated writers and editors to help publish our five editions of the newspaper each year.  Want to learn more about writer and editor responsibilities? You can learn more by contacting our Editors-in-Chief: Aubrey Spowart ‘23 and Hayley Labia ‘23 or our Faculty Moderator, Ms. Kirstien

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The Mirror
St. Francis High School's Online Literary & Art Magazine

The Mirror is St. Francis Catholic High School’s award-winning Student Produced Online Art & Literary Magazine. 

The Mirror 9th Edition received a rank of Excellent in the 2017 NCTE Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines. Congratulations to the 9th Editions Co-Editors in Chief Eliana Kontokanis ‘17 and Kate Fernandez ‘18. 


Ambassador Program

The SFHS Ambassadors are the face of St. Francis High School to the wider Sacramento community.  Comprised of more than 190 students, the SFHS Ambassadors represent a wide spectrum of campus life and involvement and share a common love for St. Francis.  Our Ambassadors actively engage with prospective students and families at many events during the Admissions season.  Below is a list of some of the many ways that our Ambassadors demonstrate what it means to be an SF Troubadour throughout the greater Sacramento area: