Awards Ceremony


Awards Ceremony

Each year we hold an awards ceremony to recognize the achievements of our student body. We welcome all families to join in the celebration. 


Awards Ceremony
May 3, 2017

Pillar Awards

Each year, what we call “The Pillar Awards” are given to those students who epitomize the ideals of the school and radiate those four qualities that identify a St. Francis graduate: Faith, Excellence, Leadership and Service. Because these qualities are embodied in the everyday lives of our students, we invite the students themselves to nominate a classmate whom they believe best characterizes each Pillar. So the recipients of the following Awards are, to a large extent, the choices of their classmates.

Pillar of Faith:  

A student who demonstrates outstanding service to the school’s spiritual life.

  • Freshmen: Kate Olario  
  • Sophomore: Rose Conlin
  • Junior: Grace Conlin

Pillar of Excellence: 

This is a student(s) who demonstrates excellence in all of her endeavors at St. Francis High School.

  • Freshmen: Lauren Kim
  • Sophomore: Elizabeth Chiu
  • Junior: Abigail Erckenbrack

Pillar of Leadership: 

This is a student who offers outstanding leadership skills, enriching the community of St. Francis High School.

  • Freshmen: Emma Peters
  • Sophomore: Helen Hoffart
  • Junior: Marisa Fat

Pillar of Service: 

This is a student who has promoted service both on and off campus.

  • Freshmen: Abby Glime
  • Sophomore: Kelly Niethammer
  • Junior: Grace Abshear

Scholarship Awards

Isabel V. Dinelli Memorial Scholarship

The Isabel V. Dinelli Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a deserving 9, 10, or 11th grade student who shows loyalty to the school.

Christina Guadamuz ’18

Meghan Gumbelevicius Memorial Scholarship

The Meghan Gumbelevicius Memorial Scholarship was established by the family of Meghan Gumbelevicius, a St. Francis High School graduate who tragically passed away soon after her graduation.  This scholarship goes to a rising sophomore who has a special love for St. Francis through her involvement and maintains a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Elizabeth Cole ’20

Helene Story Memorial Scholarship                   

The Helene Story Memorial Scholarship is in memory of our beloved teacher, Helene Story.  This scholarship is for a student who demonstrates a love of literature and a facility for writing.

Katarina Fernandez ’18

Kathy Carlisle Scholarship  

This award was created to honor Kathy Carlisle, our beloved art teacher who passed away in 2012.  It is awarded to a current student who demonstrates a passion and commitment to the arts that were so much a part of Kathy’s life.

Grace Conlin ’18           

Porter Family Scholarship        

The Porter Family Scholarship is an award offered to a student who demonstrates outstanding leadership at St. Francis Catholic High School.

Marianne Hayes ’18

Sickels Memorial Scholarship

The Sickels Memorial Scholarship is an award established to honor Mrs. Virginia Sansom Sickels, an alumna from St. Francis High School, who graduated in 1955. This award is offered to a well-rounded and deserving student.

Hannah Cole ’18           

Kathleen Rose Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Kathleen Rose taught English here at St. Francis from 1992 to 2005. Mrs. Rose was beloved by students and faculty alike for her dedication and character. Blessed with extraordinary wit and a spirit of daring, there was almost nothing that Mrs. Rose would not do to make literature come alive for students and to insure each girl’s success.  The St. Francis community lost Mrs. Rose in a tragic accident in 2005. This scholarship is awarded to a member of the junior class who has demonstrated a special flair for comedy and satire.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh ’18

Marion Bishop Scholarship

This award is given to a freshman or sophomore student who demonstrates outstanding service, contributes to the school’s spiritual life and is an outstanding leader in the spirit of Pax et Bonum.

Katherine Sheahon ’19

Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Scholarship

These scholarships were established to honor the work of the Sisters of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, who served the St. Francis community for nearly 30 years.  These scholarships are awarded to rising juniors and seniors who demonstrate those characteristics so important to the Sisters: spirituality, service, and loyalty to school.

Marisa Yamada ’18

Holly Coffman ’18

Maya Solis ’18

Anissah Surita ’18

Mikayla Kauinana ’19

SFHS Alumnae Association Award

The SFHS Alumnae Organization provides scholarships for incoming seniors, juniors or sophomores whose mother, grandmother, or aunt is an alumna. Qualifying students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and contribute to the spirit of the school.

Madelyn Schildmeyer ’18

Isabella Sardo ’18

Cornette Scholarship

This is a full scholarship that includes both tuition and registration fees, offered by Joy Cornette, former St. Francis Science teacher, to a student who aspires to pursue a career in Science or Engineering.

Anne McDaniel ’18

CIF Sac-Joaquin Section’s A. Dale Lacky Scholarship

The A. Dale Lackey Scholarship, named after the former Sac-Joaquin Section and State CIF President, recognizes the top male and female student-athletes in the section (one each per league) for exceptional achievement in both athletics and academics.  The scholarship committee then selects four male and four female students to receive a $1000 scholarship.

Claire Schutz ‘17

Knights of Columbus Scholarship

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic-based organization founded on the principles of charity, unity, and fraternity. These scholarships are awarded to Seniors for outstanding scholastic, civil and religious achievements.

Alyssa Agatep ‘17

Class of 2017 Scholarships

Matthew Bartkiewicz Family Memorial Scholarship 
The Matthew Bartkiewicz Family Memorial Scholarship honors a graduating senior who has contributed in a special way to the life of St. Francis High School.  

  • Madison Hunte-Durham

Dennis Fatheree Science Memorial Scholarship 
The Dennis Fatheree Science Scholarship was created by Dr. Pam DiTomasso, a graduate of St. Francis High School, a current St. Francis Board of Truste, and a former student of Mr. Fatheree.  Mr. Fatheree was a Chemistry teacher at St. Francis for over 30 years and passed away in November of 2003. This scholarship recognizes a graduating senior who excelled in science and plans to study science in college.

  • Sharon Burk

Booster Club Athletics Leadership Award
Mr. Mark McGreevy, Athletic Director, will present the Booster Club Athletics Leadership Award. Each year, the Booster Club honors a student (or students) who demonstrate leadership in athletics. This year, we have two students who exemplify the Spirit of St. Francis through their leadership.  

  • Ariana Avila (Soccer, Softball) 
  • Sarah Westover (Lacrosse)

Booster Club Scholar Athlete of the Year
Each year the St. Francis Booster Club honors the Scholar-Athlete-of-the-Year Award to the student or students with the highest combined achievement in both academics and athletics.

  • Elizabeth Fugit (Swim)
  • Claire Schutz (Volleyball)

Patrons of the Arts Awards
Elizabeth Danielson, Executive Director of the Arts, will present our Patrons of the Arts Awards. The Patrons of the Arts established awards in 2004 for students who inspire others, exhibit loyalty to, and have a dedication to each Arts discipline.

  • Choral Music: Alexandra Retodo
  • Dance: Betsy Tanner
  • Orchestra: Karoline Guthrie
  • Technical Arts: Cecilia Walsh
  • Theatre: Elle Bertie
  • Visual Arts: Katarina Yo, Piper Klinger, Cassie Cunningham, Noel Lee