High School Summer Academic


High School Summer Programs
Academic Classes (9th - 12th Grade)

All courses meet Monday through Friday (excluding July 4th holiday) 

High school level courses are offered in academic subjects for female and male students grades 9-12. Courses are are offered in 3 week sessions. Year long courses require attendance of both sessions.

High School Summer Sessions are:
June 10- June 28 2019 (Session 1)  &  July 1-July 19 2019 (Session 2) 

Additional Information

Chromebook Information for Current/ Incoming St. Francis Students

All current and incoming St. Francis students enrolled in an academic summer course will receive a Chromebook prior to the start of summer school. Each Chromebook is school property; therefore, use of the device is governed by the guidelines of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Student-Parent Handbook. 

Distribution will take place in Room 332 or call (916) 737-5030 Ext.130 to make an appointment. Students must submit a printed, signed copy of the AUP at time of pick-up. Non-SFHS students who do not have access to their own device will be provided an option at no additional fee, if required. 

Those not able to pickup these devices on the dates noted will have to pick them up the first day of class after 7:30 AM.

We will only distribute to those attending Summer Session Academic Courses, not Sports Camps.


Summer Session Online Bookstore Is Open – Visit MBS Here. Be sure to select “Summer 2018″ as your term. 

Off Campus Summer School Credit

We encourage St. Francis students to remain on-campus for any academic classes they may take in the summer. This is the only way we can guarantee alignment with curriculum in subsequent courses. However, we also understand there may be instances in which a student wishes to complete a summer course at another Catholic high school.  In this case, a St. Francis student will need prior approval from an Assistant Principal in order for a non-St. Francis course to be applied towards her graduation requirements, transcript, and GPA. With prior approval, non-St. Francis courses will be included on the student’s St. Francis transcript and factored into her on-site GPA. See your Guidance Counselor to obtain an approval form


Math Courses


Course ID: S525

June 10 – July 19, 8:00am-1:00pm

Geometry is the second course in the high school series. The course continues to review basic Algebra skills, but focuses on completing the common core standards for Geometry. Major topics include geometric proofs, properties of parallel and perpendicular lines, congruent triangles, basic properties and area and volume of two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures, similarity and proportions, basic trigonometric functions, constructions, and coordinate Geometry. UC/CSU approved in the c – Mathematics category.

Price: $750
Book Required
Required supplies: Compass, protractor, and Texas Instruments TI-84 plus graphing calculator. NO school bus yellow calculators allowed
Prerequisite:  C or better (second semester) in Algebra 1 (P)

Grade Level: 10-12 (Class 1)
Grade Level: 9 (Class 2)
Credit: 10


Non-Credit Courses

College Application Workshop-For Rising Seniors

July 8 – July 12th, 2019 
Workshop 1: 10:30am to 12:30pm; or  Workshop 2: 1:00pm to 3pm

Workshop Fee is $250

St. Francis High School is offering a one-week college application workshop for rising seniors.  This is a small class setting being taught by the SF College Advisors, which means that each student will receive extensive instruction on tasks such as:

*How to develop an individualized college application list

*Creating a draft of the college essay and/or UC Personal Insight Questions

*Navigating the college application process at St. Francis High School

*Understanding the Common Application, UC, CSU, and other University applications

This course will guide and help each student in understanding every stage of the college admissions process, including the scholarship search and applications.  At the end of this workshop, students will have a significant head start on their college application process.

College Planning Workshop-For Rising Juniors

July 8 – July 12th, 2019  
8:30am to 10:00am

Workshop Fee is $175

St. Francis High School is offering a one-week college planning workshop for rising juniors.  This is a small class setting being taught by the SF College Advisors, which means that each student will receive extensive instruction on tasks such as:

*How to develop an individualized plan for testing and college applications

*Exploring majors, areas of study, and scholarship resources

*Navigating the junior year – how to make the most of your extracurricular activities

*Understanding how to research, visit and communicate with colleges – including an actual tour of a local college!

This course will guide and help each student in understanding every stage of the college planning process, including the scholarship search and applications.  At the end of this workshop students will have a plan of action for their junior year.

SAT Prep

Date/ Time TBD

Math will be the first 2 hours and Reading/Writing/Language will be the second 2 hours.

Fee $325

The best way to prepare for the SAT is to take challenging courses, complete homework, prepare for tests and quizzes, ask and answer lots of questions, and know what to expect.  The SAT Prep course at St. Francis focuses on educating students on what they can expect from the test. They will find out what kinds of questions they’ll see on the new SAT and what they measure, and have an opportunity to practice them. The course covers the Math test, Reading test, and Writing and Language Test (does not cover SAT Essay). Resources include Method Test Prep and Khan Academy, in addition to others. Full practice tests will be given and test section drills offered throughout.

Requirements: Electronic device for Internet access; College Board account information

St. Francis 101

Course ID: S030

June 10-June 21, 8:00am-11:00am

What does it mean to be a Troubadour?  This class is a perfect way to prepare yourself for life at St. Francis High School.   Utilize your school-issued Chromebooks and traditional methods to develop high school  study skills, organizational tools, and techniques for success.  You’ll meet members of the St. Francis community and have fun getting to know your fellow classmates. Students will also complete a selection from the freshman summer reading list.

Price: $250
No Book Required
Prerequisite: None
Level: 9
Credit: 0

Drivers Education

Course ID: S070

June 10-June 21, 1:30pm-4:00pm

This course is designed to help the student become a responsible driver who is well aware of and better able to manage the risks of distracted driving. With this goal in mind, responsible driving also addresses such issues as resisting harmful peer pressure and social pressure, exercising emotional control, and developing social responsibility. Course includes 25 hour class time and 5 hours of independent study; 30 hours total for course completion in compliance with DMV regulations. No absences or make-ups allowed. Students who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible to take the permit test. You must be 15 ½ years old to take the CA permit test and 15 to take this class.

Price: $250
No Book Required
Prerequisite: This course is open to boys and girls who are at least 15 years old.
Level: 10-12
Credit: 0


Other Credit Courses


Course ID: S634

June 10-June 28 (First Session) 8am-1pm
July 1-July 19 (Second Session) 8am-1pm

Registration for both sessions of this course is initially open to rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders only.  If there are available spaces, rising 9th graders will have the opportunity to register beginning February 20, 2019.

Health is a one-semester required course for graduation. The course focuses on helping students understand and develop healthy behaviors. The student will assess her current lifestyle choices and set personal goals aimed at improving her quality of life. Students learn to identify teenage health risks, and investigate women’s health issues and health-related careers. In addition, the student will research health risks created by poverty, domestic violence, child abuse and war.

Price: $400
Book Required
Prerequisite: None
Level: 9-12
Credit: 5


Science Courses


Course ID: S730

June 10-July 19, 8:00-1:00pm

This course is designed to teach the fundamental principles of chemistry and to prepare students for physical science classes on the high school and university level. The class stresses basic problem solving techniques and understanding the major theories in chemistry through written and laboratory work. Since chemistry is an experimental science, time equivalent to one period a week is spent in the laboratory. UC/CSU approved in the d – Laboratory Science category.

Price: $750

Book Required
Prerequisite: Biology or Honors Biology; Algebra 1
Co-Requisite: Geometry or Algebra 2
Level: 10-12
Credit: 10 


Course ID: S750

June 10-July 19, 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

The central theme of this UC approved lab science course is the inter-relationship between matter and energy.  Students will develop an understanding of the basic concepts of physics and how they relate to our everyday world.  Activities and projects will drive the learning of physics concepts.  One of these activities is a trip to Six Flags in Vallejo to study the structure of roller coasters and the effects of riding them. The cost of the field trip is included in the price of the course.  The time equivalent to one period per week or more is spent in the laboratory. UC/CSU approved in the d – Laboratory Science category.

Price: $795
Book Required
Prerequisite: C or better in Algebra 2 and Geometry
Level: 11-12
Credit: 10


Social Studies Courses

Historical World Geography

Course ID: S810

Session 1: June 10-June 28, 8:00 AM-1:00 PM
Session 2: July 1-July 19, 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

This is a beginning social studies course for secondary level students. Students develop geographic literacy and the ability to link geography and its effect on human culture, with an emphasis on global history from the ancient through the medieval eras. Students learn map reading as well as research and writing skills.  This course develops basic analytical and presentation skills. There is a special emphasis on the interpretation of history as a universal discipline: a field of study which requires familiarity with the entire range of human behavior, including politics, diplomacy, economics, social relations, technology, science, religion, literature, and art. UC/CSU approved in the a – History / Social Science category.

Price: $400
Book Required
Prerequisite: None
Level: 9
Credit: 5

Incoming SFHS freshmen wishing to take Historical World Geography must complete a form to be considered for the course lottery. The lottery form will be open from February 15th to February 22nd at noon.  The course lottery will be held at 2:00 pm on February 22nd. Students will have until 5:00 pm on February 26th at 5:00 pm to complete their online registration.

Economics/ Civics

Course ID: S840/S845

Economics: June 10-28; 8:00 AM -1:00 PM
Civics: July 1-19; 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Civics and Economics analyze government and politics in the United States and enables students to use economic concepts in a reasoned and careful manner in dealing with the personal, community and national economic issues students confront or will confront. The course examines the philosophical and constitutional bases of U.S. government, economy and the beliefs and behaviors of citizens. St. Francis students must complete both sessions of Civics and Economics to receive credit.  This class fulfills the senior year Social Studies requirement. UC/CSU approved. 

Price: $750 
Books Required
Prerequisite: United States History
Level: 12
Credit: 10