High School Summer Academic


High School Summer Programs
Academic Classes (9th - 12th Grade)

All courses run Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 1:00pm, with the exception of June 19th and July 4th in observance of federal holidays.

High school level courses are offered in academic subjects for female and male students grades 9-12. Courses are offered in 3 week sessions. Year long courses require attendance of both sessions. Academic courses will run in-person.

Additional Information

Off Campus Summer School Credit

We encourage St. Francis students to remain on-campus for any academic classes they may take in the summer. This is the only way we can guarantee alignment with curriculum in subsequent courses. However, we also understand there may be instances in which a student wishes to complete a summer course at another Catholic high school. In this case, a St. Francis student will need prior approval from an Assistant Principal in order for a non-St. Francis course, taken at another Catholic high school, to be applied towards her graduation requirements, transcript, and GPA. See your Counselor to obtain an approval form or to set a plan to remediate specific courses prior to registering for any off-campus courses.

Check with Your Counselor Before Signing up for Summer Academic Courses

Before signing up for summer academic courses, please check with your counselor regarding which semester you are remediating or let them know you are looking to advance into an upper level course prior to the fall semester. They will help you determine if you are required to take 3 weeks (Semester 1 or 2) or all 6 weeks. Each “semester” is referred to as Session 1 or Session 2 respectively. For additional information, refer to the student-parent handbook, page 27 for “Retaking a Course policy”.