Camp Troubie
5th - 8th Grade Girls

Camp Troubie is a four-week summer program for rising/incoming 6th through 8th (morning academic classes) and rising/incoming 5th through 8th (afternoon enrichment) grade girls.  

Students may join us for half-day and full day programs. Morning classes focus on academics, and afternoon classes offer fun enrichment activities. Current St. Francis students act as Camp counselors and will greet students, assist with classes, and lead lunchtime activities for our all-day campers. 

Sessions are June 11-July 6, 2018

You can choose two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon to completely customize your Camp Troubie experience!

Note:  While we can nearly always place students in their first choice classes, we cannot guarantee the order of the classes (which class will be first and which class will be second) in the morning or afternoon sessions.

We offer after-school care for Camp Troubie (middle school students).  Hours: 3:30-5:00pm. Please look at our online Registration for more details. 


Morning Academic Camps

Choose two ninety minute classes from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm
(Includes 15 minute welcome, 15 minute break) $450

Writing Workshop 

Are you a good writer? A struggling writer? Are you eager to amaze your teachers with your top-notch vocabulary and grammar? This class will help you perfect punctuation, smooth out sentence structure, and wow your audience with well-organized works.  Throughout the course, students will tackle grade level appropriate grammar concepts with applications to effective writing, such as introductory clauses, prepositional phrases, parallel structure, subject-verb and pronoun agreement.  Students will practice narrative paragraphs, descriptive essays and persuasive writing. Class will culminate with student-written plays presented to classmates. After all, what is a play without perfect punctuation, good grammar, and interesting word choice?

New this year: We will have two writing workshop teachers to focus on incoming grade levels.  Rising 6th graders and rising 7th/8th graders.

Level: 6-8

Stories & Film

Do you love movies?  Do you like to talk about what makes a movie great?  In this class you have the chance to do just that.  Each week we will watch a full length movie, a film short, and film clips to learn how filmmakers tell great stories in film. We will analyze how stories are told without words, how conflict drives plot, how theme and character are developed, and how setting impacts story. Our class will explore the stages of the “hero’s journey” and argue for the greatest hero in our films. You will also learn about film techniques such as light and shadow, sound and music, camera angles and editing. You will strengthen your critical thinking as a careful observer of visual images as you engage in lively class discussion and thoughtful writing assignments, using visual evidence to explain and support your ideas.

Level: 7-8

Math in Action

This camp enriches campers understanding of math by exploring real-world applications of mathematical concepts, while focusing on growth mindset in mathematics. Are you eager to review last year’s math concepts and make sure you are ready to tackle new concepts next year? Do you want to take the confusion out of fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion? Do you need a review of how to solve word problems using logic? If so, this camp is for you! This fun, informative course uses a collaborative approach to review and enrich math concepts aligning to the critical areas of study for 6th and 7th grade Common Core Math Standards.

Level: 6-7

Math Mastery

This camp is designed to target the concepts of Math 7 and Math 8. Students will focus on problem solving involving proportions, scaled figures, expressions and equations, functions, the Pythagorean Theorem, statistical analysis and probability.  Through collaboration and project based learning, you will develop your math confidence while reviewing and enriching the Common Core critical areas of study as outlined for 7th and 8th grade Math and Algebra.

Level: 7-8

Middle School Life Hacks

Ensure your academic success in middle school and beyond by developing practical organizational tips and tricks, learning new test-taking strategies, and practicing public speaking skills. These are all things that will help put you ahead of the game in your classes next year! Learn how to study more effectively, become better organized, comprehend more, and speak with confidence in the classroom. With new learning strategies and time management tips, you will improve your study skills and gain confidence while you learn.

Level: 6-8

Creative Computer Coding

This course offers an introduction to computer programming using the Processing language. Built for graphic design, this language gives students the chance to create drawings, animations, and interactive graphics. This class will be filled with hands-on coding activities. Students will be creating visuals from day one and will be exposed to the fundamental concepts of computer programming along the way. This course is recommended for rising 7th and 8th graders with a strong math background. Some prior exposure to programming would be beneficial but is not required.

Level: 7-8


Afternoon Enrichment Camps

Choose two 75 minute classes from 12:45 to 3:30 pm
(Includes 15 minute welcome, 15 minute break) $300

Pot Pourri: Fun with French 

This course explores the culture of the French-speaking world! Whether you are new to French language and culture or you have already learned about all things French, everyone is welcome to have fun in the Pot Pourri class!  Throughout the camp, students will learn basic French phrases and vocabulary through a variety of hands-on activities, games, songs and movies.   Students will also learn about different regions of France (Normandie, Bretagne, Provence, Champagne, and more) and their various cultural traditions.  Lastly, students will be exposed to French cooking techniques and recipes. Throughout the camp, we will cook together traditional french dishes such as crêpes, quiches, croque-monsieur, ratatouille, tarte aux pommes, omelette, salade niçoise, and ficelles picardes. At the end of our class period, students will be able to eat what they have prepared.  This camp will be taught by a native French speaker.

Level: 5-8

Ciao, Italia! Exploring Italian Language & Culture

In “amore” with Italian art, food, and history? Interested in learning one of the most musical languages in the world? In this fun-filled class, you’ll be learning the basics of Italian while exploring Italian culture through a variety of activities, games, songs, films, and (of course) food. Topics include regional traditions, literature, stereotypes, art, cuisine, dialects, holidays, and much more! Whether you have experience with a large, loud Italian family of your own, or just want to know more about Italian culture, this is the place for you!

Level: 5-8

Explore Art Mediums: Beginner to Advanced (FULL)

Artists with any level of experience will be able to develop their skills in drawing, painting, and printmaking. Projects will be tailored for the individual learner.  This camp will allow students to  study line quality, proportions, mood, color, and lots of other techniques!  Draw everything from still lifes to human figures. Explore color mixing to color theory. And, learn how to make your own hand-pulled prints. Students will complete the class with more knowledge and a portfolio of projects!

Levels: 5-8

Dance and Yoga Skills 

Calling all Dancers and Yogis! Come learn Dance and Yoga fundamentals while developing technique, flexibility, and musicality. An emphasis on Jazz, Musical Theater, and Contemporary styles along with Yoga poses, anatomy, breathwork, and relaxation techniques will be presented.  No prior experience with Dance or Yoga is needed. 

Levels: 5-8
Attire: Yoga pants, fitted t-shirts, and clean tennis shoes or dance shoes. Hair away from face. Yoga mats and blocks provided, however, students may bring their own.