Bookstore FAQ


Q. When will the bookstore be open?

The online bookstore will open May 15 to accommodate students’ need to purchase summer reading and summer school materials. 

Fall 2019 textbook and workbook materials are available beginning July 1. Be sure to order books early for the best selection and lowest pricing options.

Q. Where can I find the 2019-2020 Booklist?

You can access a listing of the books for 2019-2020 by clicking here.

Q. How do I order textbooks? 

Students can order textbooks on the St. Francis MBS bookstore.

Q. Do I have to purchase my books through MBS? 

St. Francis High School partners with MBS to provide an online site bookstore for course materials. Students may purchase books from other sites, but the ISBN must be an EXACT match to the ISBN listed on our MBS bookstore. Note: Due to publisher restrictions, some books/ebooks may only be purchased through MBS.  

Q. Are there free shipping options? 

Free shipping begins the week of July 8 – July 22, for orders over $100.

Q. Can I sell back used Books?

Students can sell back their used books to MBS.  To sell back books, the student must create an online quote on MBS’s online site.  MBS

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the online bookstore and select “Sell Books”.
  2. Select “I don’t have an account” to set up a profile.
  3. Enter each ISBN to generate a quote.

Print the quote and bring it with the books to the drop-off event, or students can mail back their books on their own.

SFHS generally holds an On-Campus Buyback Event in May. 

Q. Can I return books to MBS?

Students have 30 days from the beginning of the semester to return their unused books.  

Q. How do I access my ebooks?

Instructions for accessing your eBook will be provided once students activate their purchase.

Q. I have questions about my order, who do I contact? 

St. Francis has a personal customer service number at MBS.  Please feel free to contact them regarding order concerns or issues (800) 325-3252 .  You can also send them an email click here.

Q. Why can’t my eBooks be downloaded and viewed offline? 

There are publisher restrictions on the downloading of many eBooks.  Students can access them through any browser.

Q. If I have general questions, who should I contact at St. Francis? 

You may contact Mary Castellano, Assistant Principal