Student Internships


Student Internship Program
A Commitment to the Future

Preparing students to enter the college of their choice is not the only commitment we make to their future; St. Francis also provides opportunities for career exploration and professional networking. In 2018, the second year of our new SFHS Summer Internship program, Troubadours had the opportunity to interview and be placed with businesses in the area of healthcare, government relations, construction management, research and database creation, and collections inventory and management.

Twenty students participated in our summer medical internship with a local hospital system, a four-week practical career experience and training opportunity that allowed them to shadow in multiple departments.

Kaiser Summer Medical Internship (July 8 – August 3)

The Kaiser Summer Medical Internship Program provides a 4-week practical career experience and training opportunity for students.  Students will spend 4 weeks rotating through 7 Kaiser locations across the greater Sacramento Region, shadowing in multiple departments within the hospital setting.  The job shadow experience provides students with an observational learning experience in the following Kaiser Departments: Ambulatory Surgery Center, Ophthalmology, Genetics, Adult Medicine, Nursing, Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Radiology, and Women’s Health.  This program is intended for students who plan to pursue a career in the health professions including, but not limited to medicine (MD or Physician’s Assistant), nursing, physical therapy, etc. Please note that there will also be some written work and a presentation associated with this experience as well.  Interns are provided with a Kaiser polo shirt that must be worn with solid color pants each day.

Kiarah Hewitt ‘19
Tiana Urmeneta ‘19
Noelle Lynch ‘19
Vanessa Carsey ‘19
Hayley Hoang ‘19
Anisha Rao ‘19
Caitlin Caldwell ‘19
Patricia Sweeney ‘19
Samantha Torres ‘19
Olivia Alarcon ‘19
Maizie Steyding ‘19
Anna Altamirano ‘19
Reagan Garcia ‘19
Clare Neal ‘19
Taylor Walczykowski ‘19
Natalie Hopkins ‘19
Ellie Brown ‘19
Catherine Sutarjo ‘19
Samantha Ivezich ‘19
Yashmita Malhotra ‘19

Kaiser Governmental Relations (June 4-June 29)

The Kaiser Permanente Governmental Affairs office works to advance and protect the ability of Kaiser Permanente (KP)  to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of its members and the communities they serve. The internship program provides students with the opportunity to see the Governmental Affairs division at work in the following areas: shaping of public policies needed to create a favorable environment in which Kaiser can operate, advising the organization on the anticipated impact of external forces on KP’s ability to inform organizational decisions and practices, and ensuring the organization communicates with a consistent voice.  Students will have the opportunity to spend time at the State Capitol during the internship. Professional work attire is required for this internship.

Julia Turner ‘19

California State Library Internship


The California State Library provides a 6 to 8 week internship focused on creating a brand new online database.  The student intern will be responsible for creating an online database of proclamations and executive orders issued by California governors over the past 100 years.  This project entails connecting a governor’s name and the subject of the executive order or proclamation to the PDFs that will create the database. The intern will also learn the naming conventions which are useful in researching information.  The State Library is located in Downtown Sacramento near the State Capitol. Attire for this internship is business casual.


The California State Library provides a 6 to 8 week internship. Since not all of the Library’s collections are included in the catalogs, the student intern will assist with updating uncataloged and missing portions of the library collections, and with cataloging new material.  An Orientation to the State Library is provided along with training in cataloging, data entry, and collection management. The State Library is located in Downtown Sacramento near the State Capitol. Attire for this internship is business casual.

Bridget Kemp ‘20
Lauren Kim ‘20
Vivian Stacy ‘20
Madeline Lee ‘21

Norwood Associates Government Relations (June 4-11 and June 18-25)

The Norwood Associates LLC Summer Internship program provides students with a two week internship with a prominent, boutique government relations firm in Sacramento. The firm consists of two lobbyists, one of whom is a St. Francis High School Alumna (Class of ’97), that represent approximately twenty clients from various sectors of business, including but not limited to, insurance, cable and telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, corporate human resources management services, online account wagering, and education.  The internship program provides students with the opportunity to shadow a lobbyist working the halls of the Capitol, participating in meetings, monitoring Assembly and Senate Committees and Floor Sessions and attending fundraising events, among other things. In addition to shadowing a lobbyist, students would learn the various positions available in a lobbying firm, their responsibilities and opportunities for entry level positions. Students will learn how a bill becomes a law, and who the key players are in the process.  The Norwood Associates LLC Summer Internship is intended for students who plan a career in law, public policy or government. Professional work attire will be required, as well as the ability to keep up in a fast-paced environment.

Hannah Smith ‘19
Isabelle Grassel ‘19

Hensel Phelps Construction Management (July 23-August 3)

Hensel Phelps, established in 1937, is one of the nation’s largest construction companies.  Hensel Phelps builds commercial, institutional, industrial, defense, and other specialty projects.  They serve clients as general contractors, construction managers, and design-builders. The Hensel Phelps Summer Internship provides students interested in the construction field the opportunity to gain supervised practical exposure to the industry.  Over the course of 2 weeks, students will be exposed to the areas of Construction Management, Architecture, and Engineering. Learning the interrelationships which exist between the various tasks and participants in a construction project (Owner, Engineering, Architecture, and Construction) is a key component of this internship.  Students will shadow supervisors of all levels to understand the role and duties of a General Contractor first and foremost. The student will also gain knowledge of the roles of Project Architect and Engineers; specifically, their roles in the construction process. At the end of the internship program, students will complete an evaluation of their experience with Hensel Phelps.  Attire for this internship is business casual, however, when touring a jobsite (twice over the course of the 2-week internship), work boots or closed toe leather shoes, long or short sleeve shirt, and long pants are required (hard hats, safety vests and goggles will be provided).

Ana Soler-Beaurgard ’20
Grace Jones ’20


Why do student internships matter?

Women are historically underrepresented in positions of power and influence.  Currently, women comprise only 5.8% of CEOs and 20.2% of directors on the boards of Fortune 500 companies.  Women hold just 19.4% of seats in Congress, and there are only 4 women governors in the country. The sooner we expose young women to professional opportunities in their fields of interest, the sooner they can begin to advance their career interests and professional trajectories.  The barriers to workplace advancement start early.

What can we do as educators to expose our young women to professional opportunities and give them a jump start on workplace skill building? Helping students take their career aspirations and translate them into concrete plans for their futures is critical if we are to change women’s access to leadership positions in the workplace and society.  Women remain underrepresented in boardrooms, elected offices, and executive suites (Marianne Cooper, Stanford University’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research). Despite earning half of college degrees, “women are not at the table and their voices are not heard,” in business and government. When speaking about boards, committees, and other decision-making entities, Cooper shares, “the more powerful something is, the fewer women will be there.