New PowerSchool/Schoology Single Sign-on

News Lori Ansell

We have updated our PowerSchool and Schoology sites to use a single sign with your unique PowerSchool Portal credentials. This means that you can sign into PowerSchool Portal and Schoology using your email address and your existing PowerSchool Portal password. 

  1. To log into PowerSchool Portal and sign in as a parent. 
  2. You will then use your PowerSchool Portal credentials to log into PowerSchool. Powerschool Login Screenshot

Once you are logged in, you can go to to see your child’s Schoology page without having to log in again.


Login directly to Schoology and enter your PowerSchool Portal credentials

We suggest that you bookmark both sites in your browser to make toggling back and forth easier. Please contact Lori Ansell with any questions or issues with logging in.