Online Safety
Do you know who your daughter is actually talking to?

News Cynthia Cost

No matter how old they are, or how mature you believe your daughter to be, many platforms can be inherently dangerous with contacts not known to your daughter.  Here are two examples that are popular with students that may have risk potential for your daughter OMEGLE and TWITCH:

OMEGLE: Tens of thousands of people are using Omegle at any given time, including many students who want to chat online with strangers. Chatting with strangers, today’s app guide is all about the popular website Omegle. It’s not an app, so you won’t find it in your student’s app store, but you can check your student’s browser history to find out if they have connected with strangers on Omegle. 

Learn more about the Omegle live streaming website and get tips on how to talk with your daughter/s about this website and the dangers of talking to strangers with the SmartSocial Omegle Guide for Parents and Educators.

TWITCH: Do your students watch other people play video games live? Or, do they chat with strangers online about various topics they are interested in? If you answered yes to either of those questions, your daughter(s) may very well know and use the popular website and app, Twitch. This platform is all about live streaming and connecting with strangers through live chat and direct messages. 

Students can often learn new strategies or techniques for their games or hobbies through live streams and chat, but they can also easily be contacted by predators. Today we have updated our Twitch Guide for Parents and Educators (including a brand new video) to help you learn:

  • What is Twitch?
  • Why do students like Twitch?
  • Dangers of using Twitch
  • Tips to talk with students about how to have fun with live streaming and how to stay safe online