Supplemental Chromebook Insurance


We recommend all students purchase Supplemental Chromebook Insurance.

Class of 2021 and Class of 2022: Purchase warranty coverage for the J5 Chromebook

Class of 2021 and Class of 2022 original warranty coverage for the J5 Chromebook are no longer covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  Securanty is offering a full extended warranty including battery and AC adapter, as well as accident and theft coverage for $22 per year with $0 deductible. 

Class of 2023 purchase warranty coverage for the NL7T Chromebook 

The Class of 2023 has a 3-year extended and accidental coverage, but the AC Adapter and battery are only covered for one year.  The policy being offered is for additional extended warranty covering all parts, including the battery and AC Adapter, as well as accident and theft coverage.  The price is $15 for 1 year /$30 for 3 years with $0 deductible.    

Click HERE to purchase the Supplemental Chromebook Insurance. 

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