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My Volunteer Program (MVP)
Our families are the MVPs of St. Francis Catholic High School!

MVP is the parent volunteer service arm of St. Francis Catholic High School.

  • Parents perform a prescribed number of hours of service each year or pay a higher, non-participation rate of tuition.
  • Parents of students in grades 9-11 perform 25 hours of volunteer service per year.
  • Senior parents perform 10 hours.
  • Parents with more than one St. Francis daughter, perform the required hours for the lowest grade.
  • Single parents who are solely responsible for tuition may elect to perform 12.5 hours grades 9-11 (5 for senior parents).

STEP 1 – Complete prior to any other action​: Please read the “How to use” instructions to the right, and create your account at

Non Participation Tuition Information

The additional tuition is $500 per year for non-participating families. Diocesan regulations mandate that this amount cannot be prorated for partial hours completed, therefore all hours must be performed and reported to avoid paying the non-participation fee.

What types of volunteer service may I perform?

Active Service: services that benefit the school, its students (for school-related activities), or are in support of an activity or event sponsored by one of the school auxiliary groups (Parents Guild, Booster Club, Patrons of the Arts, St. Francis Filipino Families and Friends, etc.) Hours earned through active service correspond directly with the time spent.

  • Time attending board meetings of these groups may be included in hours earned.
  • Campus clean up activities (earns double hours)
  • Parent nights – Wellness, Guidance, Campus Ministry etc…
  • Home made items

A minimum of 13 hours per year (5 hours for senior parents) must be earned through Active Service.

Supplies: providing store bought supplies that benefit school events (bottled waters, cookies, desserts, snack foods, etc.)  Only designated items, delivered at requested times will be counted for hours. Due to allergy concerns all other items may be returned.  Use food list provided for each specific event.

Food preparation hour calculations:

Parent volunteers earn 1 hour of active service for each hour spent on the food preparation activity.

1 hour per $5 for purchased items.  Example of hour equivalent for home-made items:

  • 2 hours = 3 dozen cookies
  • 2 hours = Hors d’oeuvres to serve 12 people

Non-authorized hours – these events do not earn volunteer hours

  • Items to the school or to school events that are not specifically requested through MVP.
  • Hours may not be earned by driving students to activities
  • Donations of cash.
  • Donations to the Stewardship Program, Revelry, Crab Feed etc…
  • Any In-kind donations such as dinners, school supplies or equipment.

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities?

Who may perform the volunteer hours?

  • Parents, guardians and grandparents may perform service hours.
  • Siblings, students and other relatives may not earn parent hours.
  • Extra hours may not be donated to other families.

Who keeps track of the volunteer hours?

Parents will track their volunteer hours on MyVolunteerPage.

Learn More about using MVP here or by using the link on the right. 

When are volunteer hours due?

Senior families: The deadline for reporting parent volunteer hours is February 6, 2018.

All other grades: The deadline for reporting parent volunteer hours is April 30, 2018.

  • Parents may begin earning hours for the following school year on May 1.
  • “Extra” parent volunteer hours are not carried over to the following year.
  • Hours worked from May 1, 2017– April 30, 2018 count towards the 2017- 2018 school year.

Required Forms for ALL SFHS Volunteers

The following are all forms and requests required for volunteering with St. Francis Catholic High School. 

All volunteers must sign the volunteer and confidentiality agreements. Volunteers who work directly with students or specialized events may need additional levels of clearance as prescribed by Diocesan policy.

For more information on these forms, please see the Diocesan Service Requirements.


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