Parent Volunteering


Parent Volunteer Program – (MVP)
MyVolunteerPage (MVP) is the parent volunteer and service program of St. Francis Catholic High School.

Why we have parent service hours.

Parent volunteers are an essential part of the St. Francis Catholic High School community. Volunteers are needed throughout the year for many events, including Admissions, Advancement, Academics, Arts, and Athletic events, as well as administrative tasks. St. Francis offers parents a multitude of opportunities to participate in the life of the school, working alongside faculty, staff, and other committed parents for the good of our students and school. 

We are blessed to have many opportunities for parents to volunteer on campus! While family service hours are required, we know that many families contribute more than the basic requirement. Because of such dedication and support, St. Francis is able to provide our Troubies a holistic and enriching education grounded in our pillars of faith, excellence, leadership, and service. Thank you in advance for your service to our Troubies and the St. Francis community.

Minimum Hours

  • Parents perform a prescribed number of hours of service each year or pay a higher, non-participation rate of tuition.
  • Parents of students in grades 9-11 perform 25 hours of volunteer service per year.
  • Senior parents perform 10 hours.
  • Parents with more than one St. Francis daughter, perform the required hours for the youngest daughter.
  • Single parents who are solely responsible for tuition may elect to perform 12.5 hours grades 9-11 (5 for senior parents).

All volunteers must comply with Diocese Volunteer Regulations - See Forms & Requirements to Volunteer Here

Non-Participation Fee

Failure to serve all hours will result in a mandatory $1,000 fee due March 5, 2021 for senior families. For freshman, sophomore, and junior families, the student’s spring semester Clearance Card will be held until the $1,000 payment is made through TADS. This amount cannot be prorated for partial hours completed; therefore, all 25 hours (or 10 hours for senior parents) must be performed or earned and reported by the reporting deadline to avoid paying the annual non-participation fee. The $1,000 non-participation fee is non-refundable. If a student leaves the school, the fee is not prorated or returned.

What types of volunteer service may I perform?

Active Service Hours

At least half of a family’s service hours must be completed by performing “active service.” Hours earned through active service correspond directly with the time spent performing the activity. 

What is active service?

Hands-on services that benefit the school, its students (for school-related activities), or that are in support of an activity or event sponsored by the school or one of the school auxiliary groups (e.g. Parents’ Guild, Booster Club, Patrons of the Arts, Grandparents’ Club, Dads’ Club) are considered active service. Hours earned through active service correspond directly with the time spent on the activity.  

Time attending board meetings of the above-mentioned groups may be included in hours earned. (Grandparents may earn hours for their family.)

Many departments across campus including Admissions, Advancement, Academics, Arts, Athletics, Wellness, Guidance, Campus Ministry, etc. will post opportunities to gain active service hours. 

Campus clean up activities may receive extra credit as indicated in MVP.

Medical personnel for dances and events may receive extra credit. Parents providing these volunteer services must carry their own medical malpractice insurance or have “Moonlight” coverage from their employer as SFHS does not have insurance coverage for medical professionals.  

A minimum of 12.5 hours per year (5 hours for senior parents) have to be earned through Active Service.

Earning parent hours through donations.

Half of the total required hours can be obtained through donations of items needed for a specific event or purpose. A minimum donation value of $25 is needed to receive each hour of credit. 

Providing store-bought items (requested through the MVP site),  that benefit school events (snack foods, cookies, desserts, wine, beverages, gift cards, etc.) can be counted towards the annual parent service hour obligation. A minimum donation value of $25 is needed to receive each hour of credit. Only designated items, delivered at requested times, will be counted towards service hour obligations. Due to allergy concerns, compliance with the specific requests for donated food items is necessary. Items not in compliance with requests will not count toward the service requirement and may be returned. Families must use the donation list provided for each specific event to receive parent service hour credits for their donation.

Non-authorized hours – these events do not earn volunteer hours

  • Items to the school or to school events that are not specifically requested through MVP.
  • Hours may not be earned by driving students to activities
  • Donations of cash.
  • Donations to the Stewardship Program, Revelry, Crab Feed etc…
  • Any In-kind donations such as dinners, school supplies or equipment.

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities?

Who may perform the volunteer hours?

  • Parents, guardians and grandparents only may perform service hours.
  • Siblings, students and other relatives may not earn parent hours.
  • Extra hours may not be donated to other families.

When and How Do I Report My Hours?

All families must record their volunteer service hours using the MVP system on the St. Francis Catholic High School website, and the school reviews total hours per family throughout the year. Parent Service Hours For the 19-20 school year must be completed by April 24th for freshman, sophomore, and junior families. For senior families, parent volunteer hours must be completed by February 12th. If Parent Service Hours haven’t been completed and submitted by the specified date, the student’s spring semester Clearance Card will be held. Completed Parent Service Hour reports are to be emailed to Sarah Hamilton at

When you have completed all your required parent service hours, go to the “Reports” tab in your MVP account and download the “Detailed Hours Report.” Email a copy of the report to Ms. Hamilton at

Please check the report to ensure that no more than half of your required hours are from the “Donations” category.

When are volunteer hours due?

March 18, 2020  Parent Service Hours Update 

Due to recent COVID19 precautionary closures, all remaining parent service hours are no longer required. 

Senior families: The deadline for reporting parent volunteer hours is February 7, 2020.

All other grades: The deadline for reporting parent volunteer hours is April 24, 2020.

  • Parents may begin earning hours for the following school year on May 1.
  • “Extra” parent volunteer hours are not carried over to the following year.
  • Hours worked from May 1, 2018– April 30, 2019 count towards the 2019- 2020 school year.

Who keeps track of the volunteer hours?

Parents will track their volunteer hours on MyVolunteerPage.