Where Are They Now? – Volleyball

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Anna Baytosh ’14 (Chico State)Anna Baytosh ’14 (Chico State)Anna Baytosh ’14 (Chico State)Anna Baytosh ’14 (Chico State)Karson Bisharat ’14 (Central Arizona)Karson Bisharat ’14 (Central Arizona)Karson Bisharat ’14 (Central Arizona)Allison Child ’13 (Master’s College)Lea Felton ’14 (Hawaii Pacific)Lea Felton ’14 (Hawaii Pacific)Paige Folger ’11 (Gonzaga)Chloe Hakim ’14 (UC Irvine)Ali Koumelis ’14 (UC Irvine)Ali Koumelis ’14 (UC Irvine)Loni Kreun ’13 (Montana State)Loni Kreun ’13 (Montana State)Hannah Lissera ’12 (CS San Bernardino)Hannah Lissera ’12 (CS San Bernardino)Alexa LoGiudice ’14 (Dominican)Alexa LoGiudice ’14 (Dominican)Gabi Palmeri ’12 (Pepperdine)Gabi Palmeri ’12 (Pepperdine)Gabi Palmeri ’12 (Pepperdine)Courtney Robledo ’13 (West Texas A&M)Megan Sullivan ’14 (UC Santa Barbara)Dana Vestman ’13 (Montana State)Dana Vestman ’13 (Montana State)Allie Wegener ’12 (UC Davis)Allie Wegener ’12 (UC Davis)

The St. Francis volleyball program has 18 alumnae on collegiate rosters this fall across all NCAA Divisions. Pepperdine standout Gabi Palmeri leads a talented group of players taking the court this season after starring for Head Coach Alynn Wright and St. Francis.

St. Francis Volleyball Alumnae in the NCAA: Anna Baytosh ’14 (Chico State), Karson Bisharat ’14 (Central Arizona), Allison Child ’13 (Master’s College), Anna Donald ’15 (UC Davis), Lea Felton ’14 (Hawaii Pacific), Paige Folger ’11 (Gonzaga), Marissa Gollnick ’15 (Rose-Hullman Institute of Technology), Kylie Green ’15 (UC Irvine), Chloe Hakim ’14 (UC Irvine), Ali Koumelis ’14 (UC Irvine), Loni Kreun ’13 (Montana State), Hannah Lissera ’12 (CS San Bernardino), Alexa LoGiudice ’14 (Dominican), Gabi Palmeri ’12 (Pepperdine), Courtney Robledo ’13 (West Texas A&M), Megan Sullivan ’14 (UC Santa Barbara), Dana Vestman ’13 (Montana State), Allie Wegener ’12 (UC Davis).