2023-24 Approved Clubs:


A Better You

The purpose of this club is to open up an inclusive space for everybody at SF where we can focus on taking care of our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. This would be done through informational slideshows, group activities, or meetings where we can focus on building good habits in our lives, whether it be in school or in our personal lives.

A Touch of Kindness

The A Touch of Kindness club spreads love in the Sacramento area by making cards for senior citizen homes in the community!

Animal Allies Society

A club for Troubies who would like to help animals who are in need and fight against animal cruelty. The club will have volunteering opportunities and inform Troubies on how to protect animals by being environmentally friendly.

Anime Club

We discuss all things anime, watch some clips from a series or movie, and sharing our favorite anime!

Arts and Culture Club

A fun club to experiment with all mediums of art and do fun crafts and projects as well as working with the school & community to create artwork.

Asian and Pacific Islander Club (APIC)

The Asian and Pacific Islander Club is an interactive community aimed to cultivate an inclusive environment for Asians and Pacific Islanders through a series of meetings, in-school activities, and outside school events. The purpose of APIC is to provide a space where all students feel free to express their individuality, foster inclusivity, and celebrate their culture.

Autism Awareness

Our club creates fun activities for people with special needs providing an opportunity to socialize and connect with the St. Francis community.

Bags for the Brave

Bags for the Brave club members will work to assemble care packages that will be donated to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Baking Club

A chance for students to bond through the love of baking. Different themes each meeting from holidays to learning about foods from around the world. A safe space where people can make new friends during lunch. A chance to experiment with new recipes.

Books of Color

The Books of Color Club explores the works of authors of color, to gather fellow literature-lovers, while uplifting voices. The BOC Club aims to create a welcoming, inclusive, and uplifting environment to discuss different works of literature while having a great time together! Any and all genres are welcome, as we rotate throughout the year.


Our BSU vision is to elevate cultural awareness and provide education on topics that impact our community. Also, to share experiences and others that are positive and promote an unbiased society for all. ALL STUDENTS, regardless of race and culture, are welcome to participate in BSU. We see this as an opportunity to encourage diverse perspectives and conversations while creating a path to cultural acceptance and understanding.

Chinese Club

Chinese Club is open to both students of Chinese descent and those who are just interested in learning about Chinese culture, food, and language.


A club revolving around Korean culture with a dance team to perform covers of K-pop songs! Membership by audition only.

Crochet Club

The Crochet Club is a comforting place for Troubies of all levels of crocheting ability to bond over an art form they love!

Discussions in Government

A club revolving around seminar-like discussions about the structure of the American Government and its functions in ways that don’t relate to controversial political topics. This club will converse about the structure of other government systems such as monarchies, theocracies, parliamentary governments, etc. It will also inform students about the differences between our government now and how it was in the past. It will be a safe space for Troubies who wish to explore their government and how it affects them.

Drumline and Guard

This club will meet before school/during late starts. It will be a drumline and colorguard that learns the skills required to work in a team setting. It will be a student run club and with the assistance of Ms. See, drumline pieces will be picked. The club will be a space for creativity and growth.


Expression, Rhythm, and Attitude – Hip hop dance club - membership by audition only.

Filipino Culture and Heritage Club

A club created to encourage Filipino youth at St. Francis to embrace their heritage. Stop on by for karaoke competitions, conversational Tagalog lessons, cultural crash courses, and lots of food! Non-Filipinos are allowed and welcome.

French Club

French Club is a great way to experience French culture, indulge in delicious French food, and enjoy fun activities including: French movie week, picnics, caroling, dancing at International Night, and celebrating various holidays together. We strive to create a fun and safe environment for students to learn about and participate in French traditions.

Garden of Eden

Learn about gardening and manage the Canticle Garden. Donate any food surplus to local food banks.


The aim of our club is to create an environment for everyone to be comfortable in our own skin and find ways to inspire each other. This club will include fun service opportunities, inspirational meetings, and a great way to meet new people and hang out with your friends!

H.E.A.D.S. Up Troubies

In this club we discuss ways to explore healthy choices, advocate for ourselves and others, be aware of signs of oncoming danger, practice self defense techniques, and identify safe environments. A typical meeting includes group discussions, ice breaker questions and games, demonstrations and activities, as well as the occasional guest speaker.

Helping Hands

This club will allow students the opportunity to get together once a month to discuss/find ways to volunteer in our community. It is a great opportunity for Troubies to get together and help our community while earning service hours.

Inclusion 360

A safe space club where anyone can join to meet new people and establish friendships. There is no judgement or prejudice in this club.

Interact Club

Interact clubs bring together students to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Interact clubs organize at least two projects every year, one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding. Rotary club sponsors mentor and guide Interactors as they carry out projects and develop leadership skills.

International Bridges to Justice

International Bridges to Justice will be a club tied to the student youth program of the IBJ organization, which is based in Geneva, Switzerland. IBJ works to help victims worldwide who experience torture and violence and do not have access to fair legal rights or systems. The youth group at IBJ seeks representation all around the world to spread awareness of these issues and participate in projects to support the cause. As a team, we would discuss and research areas we can work on to eventually participate in projects for the organization.

Italian Club

Learning about Italian culture and traditions.

La Familia

La Familia is a club dedicated to educating both Hispanic and non Hispanic Troubies in the culture as well as language of the Hispano-hablante communities of the world.

Latin Club

Prepping for CAJCL activities and practicing certamen.

Lyric Lovers

A safe space where lovers of all types of music can join together and bond over already favorited music tastes, or expand their range with our monthly meetings. We plan to host fun listening parties for a club-voted upon album that has been newly released each month, as an attempt to expand the music tastes of every Troubie!

Medicine and More

This club will meet monthly with speakers, programs with emergency medicine, offer opportunities (such as internships and classes) to the girls, and maybe create contact between them and a physician/medical worker of interest.

Neuro/Psych Club

The Neuro/Psych club seeks to provide resources for club members interested in the diverse fields of neuroscience and psychology. Our club will include hosting guest speakers with backgrounds in neuroscience, psychology, and research studies. Throughout the year, we will be playing fun brain games, having interactive lectures, discussing topics in relation to psychology and neuroscience, and learning about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and social cognition. We believe that by creating a greater appreciation of mental health and diseases affecting the nervous system, we can help promote as more comprehensive understanding of the people who are affected by them.

Origami Club

Origami club is a club for people who are interested in learning or know how to do origami. We make powerpoints on how to make different origami projects each month that are usually themed to the month. We will also be making paper cranes to donate to the Wishing Club Project all year. This organization donates the paper cranes to hospice patients. Our club also gives back to the school as well. Last year we made origami birds and butterflies for the one act, Rainbow Goblins, as props. This year we will probably work with the theater again and help make props for Into the Woods.

Pep Band

This is a club that will meet during late starts. We will be playing preppy, fun, and popular songs. Last year we’ve played Toxic, You Belong With Me, etc. It is a student-run band with the help of Ms. See when in need of assistance with music. This is also an inclusive band which allows people who want to try new instruments a chance to be able to do so.

Racial Justice League

The Racial Justice League Club strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all Troubies on campus, no matter their background. By having proactive conversations and looking at the world around us, we aim to make not only our campus, but the world a more open minded place. By focusing on DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) work, we work together to find ways to improve our community.

Reaching Out

In the Reaching Out club we will bring service to the different communities around us. We will meet once a month and determine the activity for that month. Activities could range from hiking and picking up trash in a public place, serving at a approved organizations, helping elderly in the community with simple tasks including lawn service or painting a room in their home, or gathering to make lunches for mustard seed schools. The goal of Reaching Out is for us to reach out and keep the Troubies active in their communities.

Religious Diversity Union

The Religious Diversity Union provides a safe place for students to share their own culture and/or Religion with others. Students get to participate in cultural activities, share cultural food, and learn about others!

Rugby Club

A club designed to spark interest in girls rugby. We will watch game film, explain how the game works, and teach about the importance of fitness/athletic training.

SF Lifting Club

The SF Lifting Club encourages the improvement of physical and mental health and does not only focus on lifting and hypertrophy but also will open doors to trying other types of exercises such as calisthenics. We would teach proper gym etiquette, lifting techniques, and meal planning. The club environment would be very high-energy and respectful, allowing the members to enjoy a gym setting without the pressure of not knowing what they are doing. It will be an environment of learning and camaraderie among our fellow Troubies, which is especially appreciated with the lack of any male figures.

SF Ski and Snowboard Club

Our club will focus on skiing, snowboarding, and any other snow activity. We will meet to share stories, talk about our favorite resorts, and overall create a fun space to share our love for the snow. We will have fun activities like talk about different skills, watch skiing documentaries and make friends at your home resort. Anyone who skis or snowboards, or does another activity is welcome to join.

SFHS Key Club

Key Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with a plethora of opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Additionally, Key Club promotes four pillars: character building, inclusivity, leadership, and kindness through fun volunteering opportunities.

Sisters in Science

The focus of this club is to explore science and to encourage young women to pursue STEM-related fields! We will explore fields of science not taught in the classroom and do science activities during meetings, such as experiments, trivia games, and presentations. We will also work together to create community outreach projects and activities to help bolster interest in our science community.

Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers club is part of an international not-for-profit educational and service organization that helps to bridge the gender gap in the field.

South Asian Dance Team

A club for those who enjoy South Asian culture and are willing to come in with an open mind. There are different branches of ways to get involved, the dance team, watching popular Bollywood movies, going to cultural events, and bringing Indian culture to SFHS.

Spanish Club

This club will celebrate all things Spanish.

Spark Science

Service club, reaching out to Saint John’s Program for Real Change and hosting science events with the children there. Science events may include science experiments and watching science videos/movies.


In STEM Club, we train for the American Computer Science League (ACSL) Competition, and also will be inviting guest speakers from various STEM fields.

Sustainable Sisters

Sustainable Sisters is the start of one’s journey to a sustainable lifestyle. We aim to make knowledge about sustainability accessible to everyone. We will learn ways to integrate zero-waste products into our lives, sustainable places to volunteer, which businesses to support, and explore current climate events. Members will learn to have a greater appreciation for the planet as they explore ways to preserve it. If resources permit we may try to do some crafts throughout the year like making our own paper or planting terrariums. We will also try to have a guest speaker from UC Davis talk about how his work helps to reduce waste.

Tech Club

Running technical aspects of school productions, rallies, assemblies, masses, showcases, and other St. Francis events.

The A Capella Blue Skirts

We are an a capella group that performs at different events for the arts, as well as during different outreach events for performing arts groups.

The Mandolin

The Mandolin is St. Francis’ student-run newspaper. The Mandolin reports on global, local, and school news through a hard-working, dedicated team of writers and editors. The Mandolin publishes five editions a year, with a variety of articles ranging from current world events to crossword puzzles!

The Mirror

The Mirror is the literary magazine at St. Francis. We publish an edition each semester which contain poems, pictures, short stories, and more from St. Francis students.

The Percy-Potter Club

A club where we can talk and hang out with other readers that like PJO and Harry Potter. We will have fun activities that center around the books including our own version of the Triwizard Tournament, having our own Hogwarts Banquet, and trivia games.

The Sunrise Club

The Sunrise Movement is a national movement of young people across race and class to stop the climate crisis and win a Green New Deal. This club, or known as a Sunrise Circle, is a part of the Sunrise Movement and aims to bring climate awareness, as well as awareness about the Green New Deal, to St. Francis through educational and recreational activities and events. We are to advocate for environmental justice.

Troubie TV

Troubie TV Club is for those who are not in live Troubie TV episodes but still want to contribute. Troubies can create segments and news reports to be aired on Troubie TV Live!

Troubies For Human Rights

Troubies for Human Rights, or TFHR, is a club dedicated to educating the Troubie mind in all things human rights.

Troubies In Politics

Bringing global and domestic politics, current events, and education of politics to SF Troubies from every perspective, media, and source!

Troubies Who Mean Business

This club focuses on educating girls on business skills, whether that is taxes, stocks, etc. We provide amazing resources to better become aware of the tools surrounding you with guest speakers, slides presentations, and facilitating Career Day.

Women in Negotiation (W.I.N.)

This club will help students learn the art of negotiation including: Wage negotiations, preparing for negotiations, documenting agreements reached, handling emotions during the process, how to work around a “no,” and more.

Woven through Christ

This club would meet twice a month to hold a place to have fun and talk about our faiths together! This would include worship songs, bible study, short bible examen, fun faith centered projects, bible journalism, and partnerships with school ministry events/Christian service opportunities.