Academic Team FAQ


Benefits of Membership

Participants develop academic and professional skills and knowledge beyond the classroom. They practice team building and cooperative planning, build friendships and camaraderie with classmates, and interact with motivated and positive students from other schools.  Full commitment over a period of two to four years also adds to a student’s resume for college, and many teams exist in some form at the university level, often with scholarships. Finally, academic teams provide opportunities for new experiences and fun activities!

New Members Encouraged

We invite new freshmen and new and returning students to join any of the Academic Teams, typically at the beginning of the school year. No background or previous experience is required, however, applications and auditions and/or interviews are held for many teams.

How to Join?

Contact either the coach directly or Mrs. Cassy McGreevy, Director of Student Activities:


Students must have a 2.0 GPA, no F, and no more than 1 D on the previous semester’s transcript.

Membership and Responsibilities

Team membership commits the student to attending and participating in the meetings, practices and competitions just as an athletic team member would attend her sports practices and games.  If the student has an excused absence from school on the day of a practice, that absence will be excused; however, the coach may need to drop that student if her absences are hindering the progress of the team or it becomes too difficult to catch up.

Conflicting Events/ Teams

The athletic, fine arts, and academic team directors work together to resolve scheduling conflicts as much as possible in the best interest of the student and the team. However, it is the responsibility of the student and her parents to carefully evaluate her availability for tournaments, competitions, and performances to assure that overlap is avoided or is cleared by the coach/director well in advance.

Credit Earned

Students receive 1 academic credit per semester for each semester that they participate in an academic team.  Letter grades will be based on regular attendance at team practices, and preparation for and participation in practices and competitions, per the team syllabus.  Grades appear on the transcript and count towards unit requirements, but not towards students’ semester or cumulative GPAs.  For the purpose of college applications, we currently recommend that academic teams be listed as extra-curriculars.


The school provides entry fees for local, regional and state competitions (and national when possible). Out-of-town competitions, expenses for travel, lodging, and meals are the primary responsibility of the student and her parents. Most teams will purchase a T-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket, also a student expense.

Time Commitment

Teams typically hold one or two weekly practices and additional practices, including weekends, prior to events. Each team coach will issue a calendar at the beginning of the season.  This is similar to an athletic team.

Parent Help Expected

Parent support is expected and may include: mentoring in areas of expertise, helping with competitions, providing healthy snacks, and/or transportation. All parent volunteers must have appropriate fingerprinting and driving forms, etc., on file with the front office. Information about parent volunteer requirements can be found at Parent Volunteer Program