The overall goal of the English program at St. Francis is effective communication, reached through close examination of literature and regular writing and discussion-based assignments. The core of this four-year program is literature, on which every facet is based. Students analyze works, relying on shared inquiry methods for discussions and formal writing assignments. Discussions, presentations, creative projects, vocabulary and language development, and all written assignments stem from the literature studied. Grammar is taught in the context of the writing assignments. The classes contain a wide variety of genres, styles, and periods of literature in order to help students develop an appreciation for the subject. Students should complete their Summer Reading prior to the first day of school.


9th Grade
  • English 9
10th Grade
  • Great Books
  • Honors Great Books
11th Grade
  • American Literature
  • AP English Language & Composition
12th Grade
  • Literature and Film
  • Philosophy and Literature
  • Writing from Literature
  • AP English Literature