Financial Aid FAQs


How do I apply for Financial Aid?

St. Francis Catholic High School contracts with TADS - Tuition Aid Data Services to evaluate the applications and provide guidance to St. Francis. An application fee of $39 is charged and paid to TADS for this service. If you have additional students at other schools that use TADS (including Jesuit High School) you will only need to complete one application to TADS and pay one fee. Complete TADS application here.  

Who can apply for Financial Aid?

All Incoming and Transfer applicants and families with a student at St. Francis are eligible for financial aid.

Will we qualify?

Our financial aid is based on financial need only. TADS determines your need based on the information given to them. Many factors are considered including household salary, income tax return, the number of children in tuition based schools, assets owned, etc. Only by applying will you find out if you qualify.

Are Financial Aid Grants renewed annually?

Financial Aid is offered for one school year.  Applications must be submitted annually with current information in order for a family to be considered for assistance.

What if my taxes aren’t completed before the application deadline?

TADS will direct you as to what documents are required.

If we already have a student attending or if we are sending more than one student to St. Francis, are we limited in the amount of aid we receive?  Is a discount available?

The financial aid provided is based on financial need of the family. Unfortunately, we do not provide discounts if more than one student is attending our school.

Do you give any academic or athletic scholarships?

No. All aid is strictly based on financial need.

If parents are separated and filing separately, will both incomes be counted?

Where both parents assume or have financial responsibility for the student’s education, the income of both parents is considered. If separated or divorced, each financially responsible parent or guardian must complete a separate financial aid application.

What if I miss the deadline?

Meeting the deadlines is extremely important as we have a limited amount of financial aid available.  Late applicants must contact Michael Gallo via email or by phone at 916.737.5042 to apply.  Late applicants will be considered after the initial applications have been processed.

What if we did not apply or did not qualify through TADS but my circumstances have changed and we feel that we might qualify?

Contact Michael Gallo via email or by phone at 916.737.5042 regarding your situation. You will need to provide specific documentation showing the changes in financial status.  No financial aid will be considered without submission of the TADs application and required documentation.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about the process you can contact TADS directly at 1.800.477.8237 or Michael Gallo at / 916.737.5042