Science Courses
This course is offered onsite only



Course ID: S730

June 14 – July 23, 2021 from 8:00am – 1:00pm

This course is designed to teach the fundamental principles of chemistry and to prepare students for physical science classes on the high school and university level. The class stresses basic problem solving techniques and understanding the major theories in chemistry through written and laboratory work. Since chemistry is an experimental science, time equivalent to one period a week is spent in the laboratory. UC/CSU approved in the d – Laboratory Science category.

Price: $800 (includes a $50 registration fee)

Book Required
Prerequisite: Biology or Honors Biology; Algebra 1
Co-Requisite: Geometry or Integrated Math 2 
Level: 10-12
Credit: 10 

Open to all.  Priority is given to current St. Francis students.