Social Studies

The Social Studies Department of St. Francis High School believes that an understanding of the human condition in the past and throughout the world today is the best preparation for concerned, responsible, and active citizenship in a society of rapid change and high technology. Through the examination of other cultures, historical time periods, the changing role of government, and economic development, students understand the importance of past events in relation to future decisions.

We believe that strong Christian values will help our students evaluate issues on the local, national and international levels. We urge students to foster a critical sense of what is permanent and meaningful, and reject superficial and transient values, through participating in the political process, government forums and volunteer service within their community. We promote sympathy, justice, and peace in all human relations so that our students will act from a basis of love and conviction to make our world a better place to live.


9th Grade
  • Early World History and Geography
10th Grade
  • World History 
  • AP World History 
11th Grade
  • US History
  • AP US History 
12th Grade
  • Civics 
  • Economics
  • AP US Government & Politics