Solos & Ensembles Recitals 2017


The Solo and Ensemble Recital on December 11th was a resounding success. Over 20 vocalists and instrumentalists performed beautiful songs for over 80 family members and friends.

We we would also like to acknowledge & thank Mrs. Tina Harris, Vocal Instructor, Mr. Gerald Rheault, our piano accompanist, and 
Todd Weber, Guitarist for their support and accompanying the students at solo and ensemble!

Great Job to everyone who participated, you make us proud!
Anna Lucia Burns ‘19
Arabella Aguilar ‘19
Ari Punter ‘19
Chantal Nguyen ‘19
Cristina Morales ‘19
Isabella Hoffman ‘19
Jeong-hyun Nam ‘19
Kristen Bartow ‘18
Laura Roberts ‘19
Lucy Macintosh ‘18
Melody Goodall ‘19
Nicole Hopkins ‘18
Nicole Young ‘18
Priscilla Belisario ‘18
Sarah Porter ‘19
Tara Robinson ‘19