Important Information and Reminders from the Dean’s Office

Email blast


Please take a few minutes to review and/or familiarize yourself with these important reminders from the Dean’s Office:

  • St. Francis is a closed campus during the school day. Once on campus, student’s may not leave campus without an early dismissal pass or a pre-phone call by parents to the attendance line.  
  • Uniforms: Please take a moment to make sure that your daughters uniforms are correct, in good repair and fit well. Her hair should be of natural colors and of a non extreme style.  Black docker style pants have also been added (as well as the regular khaki dockers). 
  • COVID and Masks: Masks are optional at this time (it will only change if the Sacramento Department of Public Health requires it).  If your daughter contracts COVID or has COVID like symptoms please keep her home and  let the Dean know ASAP. 
  • M street and surrounding neighborhood streets are off limits for drop off or pick up (except next to St. Mary’s for those with siblings there).  
  • All events on campus, such as rallies, assemblies, masses, prayer services etc. are part of the unique experience of St. Francis and require your daughter’s attendance.
  • Chromebook and chargers:  It is important to double check that your daughter’s Chromebooks are working and that they have a charger.  Only school issued Chromebooks may be used on campus. 
  • Medications: Students may carry one dose (up to 4 pills of aspirin, Tylenol, or Midol type products). All other medication except EPI pens, inhalers, or diabetic meds should be stored in the medication cabinet in the main office. Please see Ms. Hamilton to set up a medical file.
  • Traffic: During the first two weeks of school, traffic is more congested in the morning and especially in the afternoon.  Please plan for delays as people learn and navigate the traffic flow (especially in the 20+ minutes after school gets out). Please familiarize yourself with the traffic flow information, video and map (below).

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dean Cost,