Freshman Overnight Retreat Parent Help Needed


Campus Ministry needs your help with the Freshman Overnight Retreat on August 6-7!

This event welcomes our newest Troubies into the community. We are specifically looking for parents who do not have daughters in the Class of 2025. If you would like to help (and get your service hours done early in the year), now is the time to sign up. Here is the link to login and sign up 

We are in need of help with serving dinner, overnight chaperones (females only for this option), overnight perimeter security, breakfast service and event clean-up. Overnight positions are triple hours.

You must have been fingerprinted and current on your Safe Haven training (good for three years) to sign up. Here is the information if you are not current.

Steps for active service on campus:

1. Each individual volunteer needs to create a MyVolunteerPage (MVP) account which will allow you to view all the volunteer opportunities we have available and to log your hours.

Here is a link to the step-by-step process.

Here is the link to create your account.

You can find the App by typing in “Better Impact” into your app store search bar. It should be the first one. The icon will look like this. We will then verify your account on our end. 

2. You will need to have your fingerprints/LiveScan finished if you have not had it done yet.

Here is a link to the LiveScan form.

Here is a link to the locations that provide this service.

3. We also require you to finish an online program known as Safe Haven. When you have completed the training, you can send in the digital copy of your certificate of completion so that we can update your account. Be aware, this certificate expires every 3 years. We will notify you when you are required to retake the training. 

Here is the link to the Safe Haven training.

You won’t be able to see the details of these opportunities unless you have completed the tasks above. For details please contact Sahmed Poarch at or at 916-737-5027