2024-25 Course Registration


The Academic Counselors are meeting with students to discuss their course selections for next year. As a reminder, students will input their course requests into PowerSchool the week of March 4th and complete a Course Registration form for parents to sign.  March 11, 12, and 13 are Course Verification Days in which students bring in their signed forms to the Counseling and College Center, and a Counselor will review them with the information in PowerSchool.

Families are encouraged to discuss course selections and the importance of balance when choosing courses.  While the Honors/AP limits have been removed, it’s still essential for students to take a holistic approach in choosing courses to maintain a healthy balance with their extracurricular activities. Typically, we recommend students take no more than three Honors/AP courses per year. Even if students are eligible for and request to take more than four honors/AP courses, limitations in the Master Schedule and course conflicts may prevent them from getting into all of the courses they request.

Course Catalog 2024-25